Seoul’s Lotte World Tower: how to visit, tickets

The Lotte World Tower is the tallest in Seoul and South Korea. The views of Seoul City from the tower are spectacular! If you visit Seoul, here is what you need to know to visit the Lotte World Tower and not miss a thing.

Lotte World Tower’s Numbers

  • The Lotte World Tower was opened to the public in 2017.
  • The height of the Lotte World Tower is 555 meters.
  • It is the 6th tallest tower in the world.
  • The Lotte World tower can withstand earthquakes of up to magnitude 9 (Richter scale) and winds of up to 80 meters per second.
View from Lotte World Tower

What to see in Seoul Sky from Lotte World Tower?

At Seoul Sky, we come to discover the magnificent view of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul. Located between 118 and 123 floors, Seoul Sky has an observation platform, cafes, and restaurants.

  • On the 118th floor, 478 meters high, is the glass sky bridge: the Sky Deck. It is also the highest indoor glass floor in the world!
  • On the 119th floor is the Sky Friends Cafe, where you can taste good desserts and take a short break.
  • On the 120th floor is the Sky Terrace. Here, we are outside and can feel the breeze hundreds of meters above Seoul. You can go down from this floor and finish visiting it or continue.
  • On the 121st floor, you will find a souvenir shop.
  • On the 122nd floor is the Seoul Sky Cafe. It’s a lovely little cafe to relax in while enjoying the view.
  • On the 123rd floor are a restaurant and a chic bar. Here you can dine or drink with an amazing view of Seoul city.

From the 120th floor and above, there are elevators to go down.

Tickets to visit the Lotte World Tower in Seoul

You can buy tickets to visit the Lotte World Tower in Seoul directly on-site. However, avoid weekends so you don’t queue too long.

Lotte World Tower is very popular, and maybe even more popular than Seoul’s Namsan Tower (read more about Namsan Tower). Therefore, there is often a long queue at the checkouts. It usually takes an hour to buy the tickets on-site.

To save time, you can also buy tickets online: book skip-the-line tickets here. A line is dedicated to people who already have their tickets, and this line is often almost empty.

Han River View in Seoul, South Korea

How to get to Lotte World Tower from Seoul?

The easiest way to get to Lotte World Tour from the historic center of Seoul is to take the subway. The nearest metro station is Jamsil (line 2, line 8). Enter the Lotte World Mall, and once there, head to the signs for the entrance to visit the tower panorama.

What to see and do around?

A few steps from the tower is the Lotte World amusement park. Part of the park is indoors, so you can visit it even when the weather is not great.

The Lotte World Tower is near the area built during for Seoul 1988 Olympics. All the old building blocks you will see near the tower correspond to this period of history. They are pretty easy to distinguish, contrasting sharply with the newer buildings. The stadium and the Olympic Park are also in Seoul’s “Olympic” district.

Compared to the historic center of Seoul, the Lotte World Tower is on the other side of the Han River. It is also where the famous Gangnam district is located. So you can, for example, visit the Lotte World Tower in the afternoon, then discover the Gangnam district in the evening.

Visit Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea

Climbing Seoul’s Lotte World Tower is among our TOP 40 best things to do in the South Korean capital! It is an excellent opportunity to discover Seoul from a new angle and see another part of the city.

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