N Seoul Tower: Climb Seoul’s Namsan Tower

The N Seoul Tower, or Namsan Tower, is a must-see on a trip to Seoul. This telecommunications tower offers an incredible view of Seoul! It is the highest point in the city. The N Seoul Tower itself is over 230 meters tall. And since it sits atop Namsan Hill, the tower’s tip ultimately stands over 470 meters above sea level. It’s impressive! Want to visit N Seoul Tower? Here’s everything you need to know before climbing the Namsan Tower, including the best time to visit.

View from Namsan Hill Seoul

How to get to N Seoul Tower?

You have three options to get to N Seoul Tower:

  1. Take the cable car;
  2. Walk up Namsan Hill;
  3. Take public transport (the bus).

1. Getting to N Seoul Tower by cable car

The Namsan Hill Ropeway is one of the most popular ways to get to the base of Seoul Tower.

Before arriving at the start of the cable car, you have to take an elevator (see the location on Google Maps). Once at the top, you can take the cable car up Namsan Hill and arrive almost at the foot of the N Seoul Tower. The climb only takes a few minutes.

In general, there is little waiting in winter. However, this is not always the case for other seasons of the year, where the queue can reach one hour or more.

2. Walk up Namsan Hill

To climb Namsan Hill on foot, plan for at least 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the route chosen.

The climb can be strenuous in some places, but overall, it’s a pleasant walk. This is especially true during the trees’ blooming or in autumn, when they are all beautiful colors!

3. Take the bus

If you don’t want to walk and want to use your transport card, taking the bus is an excellent solution to go up to the N Seoul Tower.

Bus 01 goes up Namsan Hill, practically at the foot of the tower (a few more minutes of walking, to be expected, with a lovely view!).

Tickets to climb N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower

The cash desks to buy tickets are located just at the foot of the N Seoul Tower. However, as with the cable car, there may be a wait. And if you’ve already waited for the cable car, queuing again can be demotivating.

To save time, you can buy the tickets in advance: see prices here (alternative here). This is highly recommended when going to Seoul in autumn or spring because there is a greater chance of waiting at the checkouts.

You can also climb the Lotte World Tower for a magnificent view of Seoul (more information at the end of this article).

Not to be missed

When you go up the Namsan Tower, here are 3 things you should not miss.

  • Two levels. The N Seoul Tower observation deck is divided into 2 levels. Visitors generally stop at the level they arrive at and discover the second level as they leave. It’s a shame, especially since fewer people are on the second level.
  • Bathroom. The toilets here have an incredible view! It is unexpected, so don’t miss it.
  • Souvenir. Everywhere in the world, at tourist places, there are souvenir shops, and the N Seoul Tower is no exception. But the souvenirs here are pretty nice and stand out compared to other locations in Seoul.

Tips for Visiting N Seoul Tower

The best time to visit the Namsan Tower

At the foot of the N Seoul Tower, you will find several cafes, shops, and restaurants, some of which have a view of the city. If you want to take a break, this is a good place!

If there is no waiting, the cable car is the fastest way to climb the Namsan Tower. The journey only takes a few minutes. It is very fast (and not at all tiring). However, the bus can be a perfect alternative if you visit on the weekend in autumn or spring.

The queue to buy tickets for the tower is unpredictable. To avoid queuing, book tickets in advance (buy tickets here). Many people wish to visit Seoul Tower at sunset. If this is also your case, plan for a wait or buy tickets in advance.

Visiting Namsan Seoul Tower is one of the must-do things in Seoul. Read our article to learn more: TOP 40 things to do in Seoul.

What to do around Namsan Seoul Tower?

Itaewon. The Itaewon district is at the foot of Namsan Hill, south of the tower. It is a vibrant area of Seoul, especially on weekend evenings. You will find plenty of bars, restaurants, and places to go out. You can see the N Seoul Tower from some streets at the heights of the Itaewon district. For example, from the small park: Itaewon Bugundang Historical Park.

Namsangol Hanok Village. Namsangol Hanok Village is also at the foot of Namsan Hill but to the north of the tower. Visiting this hanok (traditional Korean houses) is free. Namsangol Park is pretty and offers a view of Seoul’s Namsan Hill and Tower. It is a place that is still not very touristy and quite peaceful. Once a week, you can watch an outdoor taekwondo performance offered by Seoul Taekwondo Schools here.

Namdaemun Market. The Namdaemun market is enormous! It is a 10-minute walk from the cable car lower station. You will find local products, clothing stalls, crafts, and street food here.

An alternative to Namsan Tower?

The Namsan Tower is not the only place to observe a magnificent view of Seoul. On the other side of the Han River, the Lotte Tour is another excellent observation deck.

You can discover Seoul from another angle from the Lotte World Tower, notably Namsan Hill and the N Seoul Tower! In addition, go to another part of Seoul outside the historic city center (buy skip-the-line tickets here). 

Visiting the Namsan Tower is an excellent opportunity to discover Seoul differently. The visit to the N Seoul Tower is well worth it. It is a great visit to do during your trip to Seoul!

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