Top 3 Best hiking trails in Rice Terraces in Ubud, Bali

Several unrestricted hikes in the rice terraces are close to Ubud. Ubud, Bali, is where you can walk or hike in the middle of rice fields. The 3 best hiking trails in the middle of rice terraces in Ubud: Sari, Kajeng, and Campuhan. These 3 hikes, or walks, are accessible from downtown Ubud.

Kajeng: Ubud’s Hidden Treasure

The best rice paddy hike in Ubud is Kajeng. The trail is relatively narrow. You can only come across a few scooters and pedestrians. The rice fields are the largest of the 3 walks. Palm trees frame the Kajeng hiking path, making this walk beautiful.

Kajeng Walk with rice terraces

You can start this route from the city center by a tiny path between the restaurant “The Paon” and the Museum “Puki Lukisan”. The beginning of the trail is narrow, but you quickly reach the vast rice fields.

Popularity. The Kajeng Hike is the least visited and least known among the top 3 Ubud hiking trails. There are a few accommodations along the walk. Apart from the farmers and customers of these accommodations, you don’t come across many people.

2 ways. There are 2 possibilities with this walk: 1. It is possible to make a loop and rejoin the Kajeng hike with the Ubud Art Market street. 2. You can also join the Sari trek. Be careful, the path that links the 2 walks is tiny, not often used, and the bridge that crosses the river is dangerous.

Distance. The loop with the Ubud Art Market is 2.1km or about 30 minutes. The path to the Sari hike is also 2.1km. By combining the Kajeng and Sari paths, the loop is 4.5 km or about 1 hour of walking. It is necessary to plan more time because you will take breaks along the rice fields or in the cafes to drink fresh juice.

Stay on Kajeng Road. There are no cars on Kajeng Road. A taxi will not be able to take you to your accommodation. Hotels usually offer to pick you up by scooter and carry your suitcase, so you won’t have to walk with your bag when arriving. The best place to stay along Kajeng Road is the Luxe Villas. It is an exceptional place to stay in the middle of the rice terraces.


The Sari hiking trail is a walk that starts from the center of Ubud and heads north. The beginning of the path is composed of rice terraces, restaurants, and lodgings. The further north you walk, the larger the rice terraces, the fewer shops there are. It is one of the best hikes in Ubud in the late afternoon to see a beautiful sunset.

This path does not make a loop. Once you reach the end, you can take a Grab or Gojek taxi to visit another place.

You can start this path from the city center by the street almost opposite the Lazy Cats Cafe, west of the Dalem temple (Pura Dalem Ubud). It is possible to do this path in both directions and start in front of Warung Pengkolan.

Sari Hiking trail

Popularity. There are many accommodations and restaurants at the beginning of this path. It’s convenient for taking a break, but it also means that scooters are often passing by. The further north you walk, the quieter and more peaceful the path.

Sunset. Along this walk is a restaurant: the Pomegranate Café. It is ideally located to admire an evening surrounded by rice fields. Bonus, the food is delicious! A perfect moment to spend as a couple or with family in Ubud.

Distance. The Sari path is 3.4km long, or about 1 hour, from the center of Ubud to Warung Pengkolan.

Junction with Kajeng. We have indicated that joining the Sari route from Kajeng is possible. The reverse is not recommended. The connecting path is tough to identify in the direction Sari -> Kajeng, so it is easy to get lost.

Stay on the Sari trail. There are streetlights at the beginning of the path. Thus, you can walk there in the evening or at the beginning of the night. It is convenient if you plan to watch a show in central Ubud and walk back. On the other hand, as no cars are circulating, it is hard to access if you have suitcases. Hotels usually offer to pick you up from the street and then take you on a scooter. The Raditya villas and the Kidem villas are magnificent accommodations with a superb view of the rice fields.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The hike on the Campuhan ridge comprises 2 parts: a first part without rice fields but with a view of the 2 valleys around, then a second part with some rice fields. It is the best hike in Ubud for those who want breathtaking views of 2 valleys.

Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, Bali

Popularity. This hike is the best known in Ubud. Thus, it is the busiest walk. There is no car or scooter on the 1st part, which makes this walk quiet, but you will not be alone.

Distance. The hike on the Campuhan ridge is about 2.7km or 40 minutes. 5.2km to go there and back. The beginning of the trail is particularly steep. It is the most physical hike of the three.

Stay on Campuhan Road. There are several accommodations on the 2nd part of the trail. It’s not ideal if you want to walk to downtown Ubud as the path is not well-lit, but you can always take a taxi. The Kastana Resort is a sublime hotel with an exceptional valley view.

Click here to find more information on the walk on the Campuhan Ridge Walk in our dedicated post.

Map of the best hiking trails in Ubud

Best Ubud hiking trails map
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