7 days in New York: itinerary & tips | 1 week in NYC

Going to New York for 7 days or 1 week? Perfect! Discover our tips to make a fabulous and unique trip! New York is not just Times Square and buildings; it’s much more. A beautiful 7-day itinerary in New York awaits you. You will see how to visit New York in 7 days: from must-sees to more authentic places and unusual things to do in New York in 1 week.

Tips and visits for 1 week in New York

In this itinerary for 7 days in New York, you will find great things to do and other places and activities to experience. Let’s go!

Before leaving. If you stay 7 days in New York, your trip will undoubtedly be less impacted by jet lag. It is one of the reasons why a 7-day trip is an ideal duration for visiting New York. However, before departure, if you are coming from Europe, try to go to bed later than usual. 

Good to know. The New York CityPASS should be considered when visiting New York in 7 days. In the itinerary below, mark the places you want to see. If they are part of the CityPASS, you can save money. There will be a summary at the end of the post.

manhattan view

7 days in New York: Day 1

You have arrived in New York for 1 week of visits and discoveries! The first day can be short in sightseeing and tiring after your flight. Therefore, the best thing is to stay in Manhattan’s heart and feel the legendary New York atmosphere without rushing too much.

Discovering the heart of Manhattan

5 boroughs. New York is divided into 5 “boroughs”. The most populated and famous is Manhattan. You will also find here the main must-sees to visit in New York in 7 days. Moreover, when visiting New York for 1 week, the best option is to stay on Manhattan Island. We’ll talk about that later in this post. You can also read our detailed post: Where to stay in New York.

Midtown Manhattan. It is the heart of Manhattan. This part of Manhattan is home to many New York skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building and other iconic places like Times Square and the MoMA Museum of Modern Art.

Times Square. It is one of the symbols of New York! During these 7 days in New York, it is a place to visit absolutely to feel the effervescence of this impressive city. It is interesting to visit Times Square during the day and at night. Do not miss famous stores like M&M WorldDisney Store, or Hershey’s Chocolate World.

things to do 7 days in new york city

Going to Bryant Park

At the foot of the Empire State Building (see below). This park is located in the heart of Manhattan. The atmosphere is friendly and very pleasant. Sometimes, you can attend concerts or outdoor theatrical performances here. In winter, you can even skate! It is a nice park to discover in New York at the beginning of your week.

Visiting the New York Public Library in New York (optional)

In Bryant Park. During this first discovery of the heart of Manhattan, you can take a short detour to the New York Public Library. It is a beautiful and impressive place. It is part of our TOP 40 places to visit in New York. Admission is free, so take a little time to see it.

things to do in new york city

Empire State Building

Mythical skyscraper in New York. The Empire State Building is one of the most famous places in New York, thanks in particular to many films (e.g., King Kong). This skyscraper is built in the Art Deco style and is located in the heart of Manhattan. Opened in 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest skyscraper in the world for decades.

Better view? You can climb the Empire State Building (see ticket prices) or choose another viewing platform. One of the best alternatives is One Vanderbilt, which is close to the Empire State Building and offers another advantage. We detail it below.

Good to know. The Empire State Building tour is part of the CityPASS.

empire state building

Visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York

Must-see in New York. When we think of New York, we certainly don’t think of Gothic cathedrals in the first place. To surprise you, pass in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral during your walk in Midtown Manhattan. A stone’s throw from the cathedral is the One Vanderbilt, on which you can go up for the sunset at the end of the day.

cathedral st patrick to visit nyc

Going to the top of One Vanderbilt: exceptional view + experience to live in New York

New York in front of you. If you stay 1 week in New York, this place is another excellent option to discover New York on day one. Located in the One Vanderbilt skyscraper (427 meters high), this attraction is an observation platform with a spectacular view of New York and an interactive experience. The facilities are surprising and magical and will amaze you as soon as you arrive: see photos, prices, and availability for the Summit One Vanderbilt experience.

sunset best thing to see in new york

DAY 2: 7 days itinerary in New York

What to do on the second day in New York? Continue discovering the city’s significant must-sees! Here is the rest of this itinerary to visit New York in 7 days.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and going to Ellis Island

Understanding the history of New York. During your week in New York, visiting the Statue of Liberty is a must-do. France 🇫🇷 gifted this statue in 1886. I’m sure you know one of the two authors: Gustave Eiffel, who built the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris. The Statue of Liberty is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Statue of Liberty’s island is next to Ellis Island, home to the Immigration Museum. It is another fascinating place to visit in New York in 7 days.

Visit + return ferry. To get to Ellis Island, you have to take the ferry. To optimize the visit, opt for a ticket that combines the entrance tickets and the round trip by ferry. Discover the practical information: dates, availability, and prices. We highly recommend visiting the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum. Allow about 4 hours for the visit and transport.

NYCity Pass. The CityPASS includes visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Other places are included as well. Generally, this pass is interesting if you visit at least 3-4 must-see sites.

best things to do in 1 week in new york city

Having lunch in a typical New York restaurant

Where to eat in New York? The Smith is a typical place to eat in New York close to Central Park. It is a chain with several locations in Manhattan. This restaurant is perfect if you visit Central Park afterward or just before your visit. Anyway, for this fantastic week, do not miss this restaurant and add it to your 7-day itinerary in New York.

Strolling through Central Park (a must-see for 7 days in New York)

A place to visit. In the afternoon, head to Central Park. This mythical place in New York will not leave you indifferent. Large and peaceful, this park is perfect for feeling the New York spirit. It is 341 hectares in total. You can land here for a picnic, to take a break, or observe the life of the locals. If you spend 1 week in New York, Central Park is a must-visit place.

Museums. Two world-famous museums are right next to Central Park. You may already know them: The American Museum of Natural History and the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). The first one is known thanks to “A Night at the Museum “movie. The second is one of the largest museums in the world. Pick the one that interests you the most: art or history. (see more below)

hotel getaway new york couple

Visiting the American Museum of Natural History

What a museum! If you spend 7 days in New York with your family, this is undoubtedly the museum you will choose first. The American Museum of Natural History is a place that can please everyone. The exhibits are impressive. A victim of its success, this museum has become one of the most popular in New York. Therefore, we advise you to take the skip-the-line tickets to save time. It is a delightful moment in New York!

Good to know. The American Museum of Natural History is included in the CityPASS. If you plan on visiting many sites included with the pass, it may be worth it (40% savings on entrance tickets).

American Museum of Natural History

Visiting MET

More “classic” museum. You can see American, European, and contemporary art and objects from antiquity and ancient Egypt at the MET in New York. If you are fond of art, pick this museum. You will love the MET collections. You can find everything there!

Best time to visit MET. Wednesday and Thursday are the quietest days. Saturday is the busiest day.

MET while visiting New York in 7 days

Having a drink on a New York rooftop

A good spot. Refinery Rooftop is an incredible place in the heart of New York! Perfect for going out at night. The view is not completely clear from every table, but the atmosphere is awesome.

DAY 3: itinerary for the 3rd day of your trip to New York

A new day of visits begins! This time, you are going to discover the western part of Manhattan. While visiting New York in 7 days, this side of Manhattan feels like exploring another dimension of New York. Lots of exciting surprises await you!

Discovering the surprising Vessel structure in New York

Not to miss. You can start the day by visiting this unusual and unique structure in New York: The Vessel! Located at the northern end of High Line Park (see the rest of the day), you will be surprised to discover its architecture. The Vessel has 154 interconnected staircases and 80 observation platforms. The visit is free. Allow about 30-40 minutes to visit this place.

Walking in the High Line Park

New York from another angle. It is an old, unused railway line transformed into a park. Passing over the main avenues of New York, you will discover New York differently. Who said New York was all about buildings?

visit High Line Park in NYC

Visiting Little Island (optional)

Park on the water. This Little Island park is built on stilts near the High Line. If you enjoy walking, add this tour to your 7 Days in New York sightseeing itinerary. It is a fantastic park in New York where you can get some fresh air. Alternatively, you can go straight to Chelsea Market.

what to visit do see in new york city

Lunch at Chelsea Market

Nice place to eat. Chelsea Market is near the south end of High Line Park. The atmosphere at Chelsea Market is warm and friendly. It is a perfect place to see another piece of local life. What to see at Chelsea Market? Small shops, bakeries, and tasty restaurants to eat at in New York. So, take the opportunity to have the best lunch break!

Visiting the Greenwich Village neighborhood (optional)

Calm and sweet. It depends on your arrival time at Chelsea Market. If you still have time and energy ahead of you, you can take a short detour to Greenwich Village. Are you going to take a detour to see Friends’ apartment?

Visiting the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York

A poignant visit. Inside this memorial, we can discover the testimonies of this tragedy, which took the lives of 3000 people. During the visit, comments help better understand the images, testimonies, and exhibits.

Good to know. The 9/11 Memorial is one of the most visited places in New York. Thus, it is usually included in the CityPass. Allow at least 1h30 to visit the memorial. It is a must-visit if you spend 1 week in New York. Do not hesitate to take skip-the-line tickets to save time.

9/11 memorial to visit in nyc

Going on the tallest skyscraper in New York City

The tallest skyscraper in NYC. Nicknamed Freedom Tower, this skyscraper bears the same name as the northern twin tower of the World Trade Center, destroyed during these attacks.

Breathtaking view! One World Observatory is one of New York’s best viewing platforms. Visitors from all over the world climb here to experience one of New York’s best views. You can see the Empire State Building and almost all of Manhattan Island from One World Observatory. This visit is superb during the day and at night. Find all the information here: ticket prices for One World Observatory. Compared to other panoramas, one of the advantages of this tour is its Sky Portal glass platform that you can walk on!

one world observatory

DAY 4: 7 days itinerary in New York

Let’s see what to see on the fourth day of this itinerary to visit New York in 7 days or 1 week.

Brooklyn. If you are going to New York for a week, Brooklyn is another great New York neighborhood to visit and take a stroll in. The atmosphere of Brooklyn is different from Manhattan; it is calmer and more authentic. Moreover, from Brooklyn, you can observe Manhattan from another angle.

Visiting Wall Street and the Financial District of New York

The largest stock exchange in the world. During this week in New York, visit the New York business district. Wall Street is a mythical place in New York. Don’t miss two statues in front of Wall Street: the bull and the fearless little girl.

Rub the bull’s nose. Superstition? Certainly. Rubbing the Wall Street bull’s nose would bring fortune and abundance. So why not try?

fearless little girl wall street

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

How long does it take? The bridge is 2 km long. To cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, you can count for at least 30 minutes, considering the photos and small breaks. It’s a lovely walk to do in New York. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the must-do activities if you visit New York in 7 days.

brooklyn bridge must-see new york

Lunch at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg Market

Off the beaten track. The open-air Smorgasburg market is located in Brooklyn. On your week-long trip to New York, you can experience a hipster side of New York here. In addition, the various stalls in the market are great for lunch with a view of Manhattan.

Exploring Bushwick’s street art

Still in Brooklyn. Go to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn to discover street art. This area of New York is especially known for its urban art. In recent years, this district has been reborn and changed its look. Today, Bushwick is a young and trendy neighborhood in New York.

Guided tour recommended. A 2-hour guided tour is the best way to discover Bushwick’s street art. Thanks to the guide, you will find the street art of Bushwick without getting lost. So add this tour to your 7-day New York itinerary.

Bushwick's street art brooklyn

Going to Brooklyn Bridge Park

What a good time! After visiting Bushwick, you can have a good time in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Check out this New York green space right across from Manhattan!

Seeing an NBA game at Madison Square Garden (optional)

Very popular. One of the most exciting options in the evening is to attend an NBA game! Unfortunately, buying tickets at the last minute is not an option. It is almost always fully booked. So, booking tickets at least one to two weeks in advance is best.

brooklyn bridge park to see in new york

DAY 5: itinerary for 7 days in New York

What should you do on this 5th day in New York? Discover other neighborhoods and exciting places to mark your trip to New York! Here is the continuation of the itinerary of visits to New York in 7 days.

Flatiron building and Madison Square

Iron? The term flatiron derives from the typical clothes iron. Thus, we better understand the link between the name and the astounding triangular shape of this building. An unusual structure not to be missed in New York!

Flatiron family trip to new york

Discovering the Soho district and its Cast-iron Buildings

Crowded and calm? The Soho district is one of the most popular areas of Manhattan and, therefore, of New York. Part of Soho is very much buzzing. In this part of Soho, there are many shops and luxury boutiques. However, one can also be surprised by discovering another side of Soho. This part is more residential and, therefore, quieter.

Where to go? Cast-iron Buildings are legendary buildings in New York. You can see quite a few of them on many streets in Soho. For example, Green Street, Broome Street, or Mercer Street. You can also take a guided tour of the SoHo neighborhood so you don’t miss out. It’s unavoidable: strolling through the streets of Soho will remind you of scenes from American films!

Going to Little Italy and Chinatown

Change of scenery guaranteed! Discover the streets of Chinatown. Among the best-known are Mott Street, Canal Street, Doyer Street, and Pell Street. The last two are more alleys. The Little Italy district has lost its authenticity over time but is still interesting to visit.

Visiting MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)

What to see? Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Van Gogh, or even Picasso! In addition to contemporary art, there are impressionist artworks by Monnet and Matisse. It’s a pleasant museum in New York if you appreciate art.

Best time to visit. It is the weekend that there are the most visitors. For example, Saturday is when there are generally the most people. Otherwise, on weekdays, except Friday, visitors are less numerous after 4 p.m. You can buy tickets on-site or in advance: book tickets with an audio guide. Visiting MoMA in the afternoon is quite a good option.

moma museum

Having a drink in a speakeasy in Manhattan

Prohibition. From 1920 to 1933, the manufacture and sale of alcohol were prohibited in the United States. Speakeasies bars emerged to circumvent this law. On the other hand, it was challenging to locate these bars because the entrances were hidden. This same principle of bars still exists, and not only in New York. Please Don’t Tell is a very good speakeasy in New York. Reserve your table in advance.

Seeing a Broadway musical (optional)

A beautiful evening! To mark your week-long trip to New York, catch a Broadway musical. The Phantom of the OperaThe Lion King, and Alladin are great classics. It is best to book tickets in advance, even before leaving for New York, just like for the basketball game.

show broadway nyc night

DAY 6: itinerary for 7 days in New York

The trip is nearing its end, but places and activities remain to add to the 7-day New York sightseeing itinerary. You have the helicopter tour among the best things to do for a week in New York!

Flying over New York in a helicopter

Unforgettable! What a great activity! You can fly over Manhattan, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty in a helicopter. These views will etch in your memory, that’s for sure. New York City looks even more impressive from the sky. You will love it!

How? Helicopter tours last 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. The longer the ride, the higher the price: discover the prices and dates for a tour of Manhattan Island by helicopter. This activity is considered one of New York’s most unusual activities.

helicopter tour nyc

Visiting the West Village neighborhood in NYC

Charming and quiet neighborhood. Walk the streets of the West Village! Do you know the famous series, and later movies, “Sex and the City “? Then you will recognize the atmosphere of This Village. If you spend 1 week in New York with friends, this guided tour around the series could suit you.

Going on a cruise with dinner

An almost last goodbye. You can cruise for the last evening of your 7-day trip to New York! It’s an excellent opportunity to rediscover Manhattan and all its lights. A beautiful evening that will end your stay.

Dinner cruise. The cruise with dinner lasts between 2 and 3 hours. Magnificent views of New York, refined cuisine, and live music: a perfect last evening in New York. Find out more: discover information on departures and fares. It’s a great way to end your week in New York!

Dinner cruise during 1 week in New York city

DAY 7: what to do on the last day of your week in New York?

It all depends on when your flight is. But, if you have time, you can visit Roosevelt Island. You can also see your favorite place for this week in New York again.

Visiting Roosevelt Island by cable car (optional)

How to get there? This cable car is part of New York public transport. If you have taken a transport card for the week, you can still use it for this last discovery.

Best accommodations for 7 days in New York

Where to stay in New York? Manhattan is the perfect place to stay for New York in 7 days or even less. On the other hand, the northern part of Manhattan should be avoided. We recommend you choose the middle and the south of the island instead.

Getaway: 1 week in New York. Among the best places are the Luxury Studios Lower East Side and citizenM New York Bowery. The first offers lower rates and studios with kitchenettes, totally in the New York atmosphere. The decoration is ideal for a romantic stay in New York. It feels like home there.

7 days in New York with family. The Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel is a good deal to stay for 1 week in New York with family. The rooms are modern, with a sublime view of New York. Here, you will relax while enjoying the view of Manhattan. Alternatively, just 4 minutes from the subway, there is also The Wall Street Inn. It is an excellent solution to stay in New York without breaking the bank too much.

Alternative: cheap and centralLeo House can be a perfect place to stay as a couple or with family in New York. Prices are reasonable for New York. There are double rooms, but also family rooms. It is an excellent and cheap hotel that lets you visit New York in 7 days!

CityPASS for 7 days (1 week) in New York

See if the New York CityPASS interests you. How many tours would you like to take? Are they part of the pass?

The pass includes the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Find all the information on this link: price and places to visit with the pass.

The New York CityPASS is generally worth it, especially for a week-long trip to New York. The pass allows you to save 40% on average. In addition, the other big plus is the saving of time.

must sees new york city

One week in New York: what a great trip awaits you! Visiting New York in 7 days is often considered the ideal time to discover the Big Apple. The itinerary for visiting New York in 7 days lets you uncover the essentials of the city and more unusual and less touristy places.

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