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What are the best areas and hotels to stay in New York City for a family trip or a couple’s getaway? Most travelers stay in Manhattan, the central island of New York. The best neighborhoods to stay in for visiting New York are Manhattan and some parts of Queens and Brooklyn. Finding a budget hotel in New York is challenging. You should avoid certain areas of New York. So, discover below our tips and the best places to choose your accommodation for visiting New York. Let’s go!

  1. Best areas & neighborhoods in New York 💚
  2. Best places for visiting NYC with family 🌟
  3. Nice hotels for a romantic getaway ✨
  4. Best budget hotels in New York 👍
  5. Which places to avoid in New York? 🙅‍♀️
  6. Tips for finding accommodation in New York 🌇

1. Where is the best neighborhood in New York?

The 5 boroughs of New York. New York City comprises 5 “boroughs “, boroughs or districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. The best place to stay in New York is Manhattan, then right after that, Brooklyn and possibly Queens for more extended stays in New York.

Manhattan. Manhattan is home to the main must-see places to visit in New York. Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, Broadway, or even the neighborhoods made famous by American series such as Friends or Sex in the City are also part of Manhattan. Find out more in our TOP 40 best things to do in New York: must-sees + unusual.

Safe places. What part of NYC should you get a hotel in? Lower East Side and Upper West Side are the best areas in New York and the most convenient locations in terms of accommodation in New York on a first trip.

best places manhattan nyc

2. Best places & areas where to stay in New York with family

Discover our selection of hotels, accommodations, and areas in New York with your family.

2.1 a perfect hotel for a family stay in New York

Visiting New York by foot. Still in the heart of Manhattan, Hilton Garden Inn is very well located for visiting New York. Just 10 minutes from the Empire State Building and an 8-minute walk from High Line Park, this hotel is ideal for staying in New York with family. This area is the best area to stay in New York to visit.

2.2 Staying in NYC with family in the heart of Manhattan

Ideal location: Hampton by Hilton Manhattan. You will even be able to visit the great must-sees of New York on foot. For example, you can walk 13 minutes to Times Square and only a few minutes to Empire State Building. For instance, it will only take 10 minutes on the subway to get to Central Park (or 30 minutes on foot!).

Nice place. The rooms are modern and welcoming. You will enjoy a pleasant stay in New York with the family. The Hampton by Hilton Manhattan is a safe bet for sleeping well in New York.

tips accomadation new york city

2.3 Nice hotel in New York on Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island. It is a small island that sits right next to Manhattan Island. You can go there by car, metro, and cable car! For example, by subway, from the Graduate Roosevelt Island hotel, it only takes 14 minutes to Central Park and 20 minutes to Times Square. Without metro change, direct line.

City view. The Graduate Roosevelt Island hotel is a great place to stay in New York with family! The rooms are modern, with a sublime view of New York. There is also a restaurant and a bar with a terrace on site. Here, we stay in serenity while enjoying the view of Manhattan. It is an excellent hotel to stay in NYC with family.

3. Best hotels for a romantic trip or getaway to New York

Discover our selection of the best hotels and areas where to stay in New York for a couple’s getaway!

3.1 Staying in the best neighborhood in New York

New York by foot. An 8-minute walk from the Empire State Building and 11 minutes from Times Square, Fairfield Inn & Suites is ideally located for visiting New York. The major must-sees are within walking distance. The subway is close to the hotel, which is also a convenient way to see other parts of the island of Manhattan. For example, a less than 15-minute subway ride will take you to New York’s Central Park.

A terrace! One of the big pluses of the Fairfield Inn & Suites hotel is its terrace. Having a drink on a New York rooftop is one of the things to do in New York. So why not enjoy it directly in your hotel?

8th avenue

3.2 Excellent hotel not far from the Soho district

More authentic. The citizenM New York Bowery hotel is in a very convenient area of New York, only 15 minutes from the Soho district and 5 minutes from Little Italy. You can find many typical New York buildings with external emergency staircases and cast-iron buildings in the Soho district. We detail it in our post on the TOP 40 unmissable and unusual things to do in New York.

Incredible views of New York. Guest rooms at citizenM New York Bowery are comfortable and modern. The hotel’s bar-café offers a sublime view of New York. We feel in total immersion with the city. What beautiful memories for a unique romantic trip to New York!

3.3 Nice hotel in New York for a romantic getaway

Good location to visit. Located a stone’s throw from High Line Park, Chelsea Pines Inn is the perfect B&B to sleep in New York for a couple’s getaway. You can walk to Times Square in just 30 minutes from the hotel. A metro station is also close to the hotel.

Like real New Yorkers. Here you will feel like locals. The Chelsea neighborhood is more authentic but close to Manhattan’s heart. You will love the Chelsea Market and your walk in High Line Park.

3.4 Perfect place for a successful trip in NYC

Our favorite! Luxury Studios Lower East Side is an absolute favorite! The decoration of the studios fits very well with the New York style. You feel in New York and at home at the same time. Moreover, the studios are equipped with a small kitchenette.

Excellent value. The location is ideal for visiting New York: a 15-minute walk from the Soho district and a 2-minute walk from the subway. It is a lovely place to stay in New York for a romantic getaway. Some studios can accommodate up to 3 people.

4. Best budget hotels where to stay in New York

Discover our best budget hotels, hostels, and accommodations where to stay in New York without breaking the bank. Yes, it is possible!

4.1 Best budget hostel close to Central Park in New York

The location of the West Side YMCA hostel is just fantastic: 50 meters from Central Park! As a bonus, you can access a swimming pool and a hammam. This simple and effective accommodation is suitable for single people or people who visit New York with friends. There are no rooms with a double bed. It is one of the best budget hotels in New York.

Another hostel near Central Park: Nap York Central Park. There are capsule beds in mixed dorms but also in female-only dorms. You will love this accommodation in the heart of New York.

hotel getaway new york couple

4.2 Best budget hotel in New York in the Chelsea district

The Leo House hotel is very well located. It is close to High Line Park, one of the must-see places to discover in New York to understand local life better.

Leo House is an excellent place to stay in New York with family or for a romantic getaway. Prices are very reasonable for NYC. There are double rooms, but also family rooms. The perfect budget hotel for visiting New York City!

4.3 Good budget place to stay in New York City in Lower Manhattan

Just 4 minutes from the subway, this hotel is an excellent option to stay in New York without breaking the bank: The Wall Street Inn.

Moreover, as the hotel is in the financial district of New York, you can easily visit this mythical district of New York and Wall Street. Thanks to the proximity of the metro, you will have no problem getting around New York.

wall street best budget hotel in new york

5. Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens: places to avoid in New York City?

The most practical. For a first trip, most places to visit in New York are on Manhattan Island. Accommodation in Manhattan, therefore, seems evident to many travelers. It is especially true for the first trip to New York or a short stay, less than 5 days. The best neighborhood in New York to stay in is Manhattan. Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens are not places to avoid in New York, but you will use much more transportation for visiting NYC.

5.1 Brooklyn

Why not! The Brooklyn district can be considered when looking for accommodation to stay in New York. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park, as well as the hipster market of Smorgasburg are among the best things to do in New York.

view from brooklyn

5.2 Queens: an alternative to Manhattan?

Quiet. Queens can be an alternative for staying in New York, cheaply and outside Manhattan. It’s a quiet part of New York. On the other hand, it will be crucial to watch out for a close metro station. For instance, the following two hotels are a few minutes from the subway, which leads directly to the heart of Manhattan.

Reasonable prices. Boro Hotel is a cheap hotel in New York City. There are family rooms, but also double rooms. Otherwise, The Local NY offers rooms for less than 200 euros per night. It is a budget hotel for visiting New York City in 1 week.

5.3 Bronx: attractive places to visit for an extended stay

It is not the ideal neighborhood for the first trip to NYC. The Bronx should even be avoided for the first trip to New York. On the other hand, some sites may interest you in this borough if you want to explore New York more. For instance, the New York Botanical Garden or the Bronx Zoo, the largest zoo in the United States!

6. Tips for choosing accommodation in New York

Places to avoid in New York? Manhattan Island is the most central island in New York. However, the north of Manhattan is not ideal for a trip to New York. Look for accommodation in Midtown, Lower, and Upper Manhattan. These are the best areas in New York, without going too far beyond Central Park.

Metro. If you want to get away from the heart of Manhattan, pick an accommodation close to the metro. In New York, it is an essential criterion for finding a hotel to stay in.

where to stay in new york with family

New York is the most visited city in the United States. It is one of the most visited cities in the world but also one of the most expensive. The more you stay in New York, the higher your travel budget will be. Finding cheap, budget accommodation in New York is a real challenge. Lower East Side and Upper West Side are the best neighborhoods and areas in Manhattan and where to stay in New York. These are the most central location in New York. You can also broaden your search to Brooklyn and Queens.

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