Where to stay in Dubai: best hotels by areas

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Dubai, and you are right to do so. Choosing the right accommodation is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and make the most of your trip. So, how do you do it?

Several criteria should be taken into account. Your desires and expectations, your budget, and the season of your stay. Are you going to Dubai as a couple, with family, alone, or with friends? Are you looking for a place to stay in Dubai for a week by the sea, Downtown, or at the Marina?

Here is our guide to help you choose your accommodation in Dubai. It includes descriptions of the best areas to stay at for visiting Dubai, areas to avoid, and our selection of the best hotels and apartments. Let’s go!

best place to stay for families

Our favorites in Dubai

Which district to stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Dubai comprises several very different districts, many of which are suitable for staying in Dubai during a trip. The city stretches along the Persian Gulf for nearly 60km!

At the northern end of Dubai is the main airport and the Deira district. It is a historic district that has retained a certain authenticity and souks!

Just to the south, the body of water Dubai Creek separates the Deira district from the Bur Dubai district. Again, it is a historic district with small streets and a beautiful walk along the water. Wooden boats allow you to cross from one bank to another, as they did 150 years ago.

Continuing southward with the elevated metro, you pass Dubai Frame, the Museum of the Future, and finally arrive in Downtown Dubai. This is the heart of modern Dubai, with the world-famous Burj Khalifa.

Along the coast to the west, a long sandy beach stretches for kilometers. It is called Jumeirah Beach, a great area to stay at for enjoying the sea.

Let’s take the elevated metro line south again to arrive 10 minutes later in the Al Bashra district. It is a quieter residential area. There is a vast shopping mall with an indoor ski slope: the Mall of Emirates. This district is a good plan for cheap accommodation in Dubai.

A little further south along the coast, the majestic Palm Jumeirah appears. It is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. This creation is best admired from a high observation platform.

Just south of Palm Jumeirah, the Marina district is built around a marina and by the beach. It is one of the most upscale districts in the city, with the best beachfront restaurants.

Where to stay in Dubai

How to choose the best district to stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

To help you choose the best place, here is a description of the best districts to stay in to visit Dubai in 3 days or more. We have included several critical criteria such as location, the authentic and local side of the district, accommodation rates, places to visit, restaurants, tranquillity, or the district’s nightlife.

Downtown Dubai: the most touristy and lively district in Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the iconic district of Dubai. The world-famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper is located here. It is an essential district to visit in Dubai. Staying in the Downtown Dubai district is ideal. However, it is also the most expensive district.

Why choose the Downtown district to stay in Dubai?

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world. It skyscrapes at a height of 828m. It is a true technological feat. It exceeded the second-tallest tower by more than 300m at its inauguration. The Burj Khalifa is 2.5 times taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris (330m), and almost twice as high as the Empire State Building in New York (443m). It is possible to stay in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at the Armani Hotel.

The outdoor observation platformAt the Top, is located on the 124th floor at 452m. The view is already awe-inspiring. It is possible to climb even higher, to the Sky Level, on the 148th floor at 555m high. You can go to the Sky View Observatory to see the Burj Khalifa rather than climb it. The panorama from the 52nd floor allows a better framing of the Burj Khalifa in the photo.

A lot of records are associated with the Burj Khalifa. Besides being the tallest human-made structure, the skyscraper also houses the world’s highest nightclub on the 144th floor: Armani/Prive.

Fountain show in front of the Burj Khalifa at Downtown Dubai
Fountain show in front of the Burj Khalifa at Downtown Dubai

The Dubai Fountains are also a must-see on a trip. The show takes place every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 11 pm. You can watch the show from a traditional wooden boat cruising on the artificial lake or simply from the promenade of the Dubai Mall. It is a free sound and light show to see whether you visit Dubai with family or as a couple. Another ideal place to see it every day is the hotel room! The view from the Burj Khalifa and the fountains from the rooms of the Address Fountain Views are splendid.

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world. There are hundreds of shops for all kinds of shopping. And that’s not all. There is also an exceptional aquarium with a 48m glass tunnel that provides a breathtaking view of underwater life. Part of the aquarium is visible for free from the mall and the waterfalls.

The waterfall in the Dubai Mall in the Downtown district
The waterfall in the Dubai Mall in the Downtown district

In the evening, the lake’s edge is one of the best places to walk in Dubai. There are fountains, parks, and restaurants. An idyllic place for a stroll in the evening with a partner or family in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai is, therefore, one of the best districts to stay in Dubai. It is also the district where accommodations are the most expensive. The neighborhood is convenient for families as well as couples.

Good to know! Sunset is the time when most people are on the Burj Khalifa. It is also the time when the rates are the highest. In this article, find all our tips for going up the tower: How to visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

View from the Burj Khalifa over the Downtown Dubai district
View from the Burj Khalifa over the Downtown Dubai district

Pros and cons of the Downtown district in Dubai

The pros:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Lots of activities, restaurants
  • Evening stroll along the lake

The cons:

  • Rather high prices

The best accommodations in Downtown:

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Waterfront: some rooms offer a direct view of the Burj Khalifa Tower! Perfect for a trip with a teenager or staying in Dubai with a child.

DAMAC Maison Dubai Mall Street: what can I say? Just fantastic! You will find stunning suites with two or three bedrooms, a private kitchen, two pools, a spa, and a wellness center here. Many nice things for a successful family stay for everyone!

Ultimate Luxury 2 bedrooms in Downtown Dubai: a magnificent 160m2 apartment with two bedrooms offering breathtaking views of Dubai! The apartment can accommodate up to 5 people. It is an excellent place to stay in Dubai as a family!

Boat on the Downtown Dubai lake
Boat on the Downtown Dubai lake

Marina and JBR: Best Pedestrian Neighborhood for Staying in Dubai by the Sea

The Marina is an exceptional neighborhood in Dubai. It is located to the south, approximately 20km from Downtown Dubai. The area is organized around a marina. A marina is a place where yachts can dock. The buildings surrounding the Marina are all very tall, providing a unique view: A modern city facing the sea.

Why choose the Marina neighborhood for staying in Dubai?

Pedestrian. What makes this neighborhood exceptional is the pedestrian promenade that goes around the Marina. Walking there during the day and in the evening is very pleasant. There are also numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars. When traveling with family and children, it is ideal to stroll through Dubai’s Marina in the afternoon while having an ice cream. For a romantic outing, an evening walk is a magical moment in Dubai.

Nightlife. Dubai Marina is also known for its lively nightlife. The best bars and nightclubs in Dubai are in the Marina area.

Beach. The beach “Marina Beach” or “JBR Beach” is a 5-minute walk from the Marina. It is also a joy to walk here, as an extension of the Marina.

JBR Beach in the Marina district
JBR Beach in the Marina district

JBR. JBR stands for “Jumeirah Beach Residence.” It’s the real estate complex located between Dubai Marina and the beach. Exceptional luxury hotels are found here, including the best among them: the Sofitel. The sea views are exceptional, and the price is very reasonable for a hotel in this category.

Transport. A tram runs all around the Marina and up to the entrance of the Palm Jumeirah. The DMCC stop of the red metro allows for easy travel to Downtown, Bur Dubai, and the airport.

For families or couples, staying in the Marina during a trip to Dubai is ideal. Admittedly, it is a bit far from other Downtown or Bur Dubai activities. However, one can stroll for hours in this exceptional setting. Moreover, Marina Beach is the most active beach in Dubai.

Itinerary idea! If you spend 7 days in Dubai with the family, splitting the stay between Downtown and the Marina district or the Jumeirah area by the sea is a great idea. 

what to do in dubai boat

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Marina District in Dubai

The pros:

  • Pedestrian Area
  • Proximity to the sea and beach

The cons:

  • Far from Downtown, Burj Khalifa and Bur Dubai

The best accommodations in the Marina:

Pearl Marina Hotel Apartment: 6 minutes from the beach, these apartments offer great value for money. There is also access to an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and an optional breakfast.

Barceló Residences Dubai Marina: 9 minutes walk from the beach, this residence offers comfortable apartments with a kitchen.

Amwaj Rotana, Jumeirah Beach: just one minute from the beach, this hotel is perfect for enjoying the sun and the sea in Dubai with the family (3 people). It’s an excellent place to stay in Dubai with a child.

Palm Jumeirah: The Iconic Neighborhood

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Dubai. It is an archipelago entirely constructed by humans, shaped like a palm tree. Palm Jumeirah is located right next to the Dubai Marina district. Hotels occupy the base of the palm tree. The fronds shelter luxury villas. Finally, the crescent that protects the palm hosts sumptuous luxury hotels and resorts.

Why choose the Palm Jumeirah neighborhood for your stay in Dubai?

Iconic. The iconic hotel of Palm Jumeirah is The Atlantis. It is a gigantic establishment with architecture reminiscent of the Arab world. Among the eccentricities of this hotel is that it boasts 2 underwater suites located below sea level.

Influencers. Palm Jumeirah is also where influencers like to stay in Dubai.

The View at the Palm is an observation deck on the 52nd floor. It’s the perfect place to see the distinctive shape of Palm Jumeirah with your own eyes. Another option is to skydive.

Staying in the Palm Jumeirah district of Dubai
Palm Jumeirah of Dubai

Transport. A monorail allows you to go from the entrance, with a link to the Marina Tram, to the tip of Palm Jumeirah, meaning the Atlantis Hotel and the water park.

The best hotels in Palm Jumeirah:

The Palm Jumeirah of Dubai
The Palm Jumeirah of Dubai

Advantages and disadvantages of the Palm Jumeirah neighborhood in Dubai


  • Proximity to the sea and the beach
  • Iconic


  • Only one road to access and leave
Stay at the Atlantis Hotel of Dubai on Palm Jumeirah
The Atlantis Hotel of Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah

Jumeirah Beach: A Residential Neighborhood with a Relaxed Atmosphere

Jumeirah Beach is a large coastal area extending from the north of the Marina to downtown Dubai. It’s a vast area with numerous hotels. For instance, there’s the Burj al Arab, the first 7-star hotel in the world. However, it is not the most expensive hotel in the world.

Why choose the Jumeirah Beach neighborhood for your stay in Dubai?

Jumeirah is a 10-minute walk from the Marina district. It’s a perfect neighborhood for a relaxing seaside family stay in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach? Palm Jumeirah? Jumeirah Beach Residence? There are many areas containing “Jumeirah”. They are not all in the same place. The worst part is that some hotels play on this ambiguity. Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR, corresponds to the buildings between the Marina and the sea. The adjacent beach is JBR Beach.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah in the Jumeirah Beach district
Souk Madinat Jumeirah in the Jumeirah Beach district

Advantages and disadvantages of the Jumeirah neighborhood in Dubai


  • The beach


  • No transport
  • Far from places to visit

The best accommodations in Jumeirah Beach:

DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach: spacious and comfortable suites to enjoy your family vacation in Dubai to the fullest! All rooms have a balcony, and some have a private kitchen.

Staying as a couple at the Burj-Al-Arab in the Jumeirah Beach district of Dubai
The Burj-Al-Arab in the Jumeirah Beach district of Dubai

Bur Dubai: Old Dubai, Historical and Authentic

The Bur Dubai district is located south of Dubai Creek. The Dubai Creek is a natural seawater inlet that separates the north of Dubai – with the Deira neighborhood and the airport – from the rest of the city.

Why choose the Bur Dubai district?

Bur Dubai is a historic neighborhood. This district existed and was alive before the emergence of the modern Dubai we know today. Bur Dubai and Deira neighborhoods on either side of Dubai Creek represent the city’s origins.

Al Fahidi is at the heart of the Bur Dubai district. It’s a place that preserves the authentic history and culture of Dubai. Walking through these typical streets is one of the best things to do in Dubai. It’s also an ideal place for memorable photos. One can also see the ruins of the old fortifications of Dubai there.

Al Seef is next to Al Fahidi and along the Dubai Creek waterway. It’s a superb place to stroll along the water and see the Deira neighborhood on the other side. An ideal visit after Al Fahidi. Seize the opportunity to buy some souvenirs at the souk! Here, you’ll find the Al Seef Heritage Hotel, which has magnificent rooms with a view of Dubai Creek. It is the best hotel for couples to stay at in Bur Dubai.

Abra. It is the name of the traditional wooden boats that shuttle between Deira and Bur Dubai from one bank of the creek to the other. It’s the most convenient way to go from Al Seef to the Gold Souk. A must-do experience!

Must-see. Al Fahidi and Al Seef are must-sees in the Bur Dubai district during a trip to Dubai. It’s a different face of the city. Even if you choose to stay in another area of Dubai, plan to come and stroll in this neighborhood to learn more about the history and culture of Dubai.

Staying in Bur Dubai or Deira
An abra on the sea arm Dubai Creek with the Deira district in the background.

The Dubai Frame is located south of Bur Dubai. It’s an observation deck as it separates the old city from the new. To the north are the historic neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai. To the south is the newer Dubai with Downtown, the financial district, and the Marina.

The Dubai Museum is in the Bur Dubai neighborhood, close to Al Fahidi. It is in an old Arabian fort dating back to the 18th century. It’s a superb visit if you want to learn more about the history of Dubai, particularly the period before the discovery of oil.

Healthcare City is a free zone located to the west of the Bur Dubai district. Medical tourism travelers come here to receive treatments, especially concerning aesthetics, infertility, or dental care.

Public transport can be considered abundant in Bur Dubai. The Metro’s Green Line has several stops in the Bur Dubai district and the Deira neighborhood. With a transfer at the Burjuman station, you can quickly access Downtown, the Burj Khalifa, and even the Marina.

The best hotels to stay at in Bur Dubai:

Pros and Cons of the Bur Dubai District


  • More authentic and historical atmosphere
  • Less expensive hotels


  • Not as luxurious as Downtown
  • Quite far from the Marina
  • Far from the most beautiful beaches
The Bur Dubai district
The Bur Dubai district

Deira: a more authentic historical district

Deira district is located north of Dubai Creek, the arm of the sea that separates the Deira and Bur Dubai neighborhoods. Deira is a historical district of Dubai. It has been inhabited for centuries, long before the rise of modern Dubai today. Hence, it has a more authentic and traditional look.

Why choose Deira district for lodging in Dubai?

The Gold and Spice Souks are 2 places to visit in the Deira district of Dubai, close to one another. They are found in small covered and pedestrian alleys.

Crossing by Abra. Water taxis provide services between Deira and Bur Dubai. These wooden boats are not just a tourist attraction: they are the traditional means of transportation to cross the sea arm.

The best hotels in the Deira district have one of the most beautiful views of Dubai, with the sea arm in the foreground, the traditional wooden boats, and farther away, the Dubai Frame and, finally, the skyline of Downtown. It is the case, for example, at the Golden Sands.

Dubai Airport is just near the Deira district. Therefore, it’s convenient to lodge in Deira and go to the airport early in the morning or late at night. Moreover, the red metro line to the airport also passes through the district.

The metro is convenient in Deira! Both lines pass through the district and allow quick access to Bur Dubai, the airport, the Downtown district, and the Marina.

Although quite far from the rest of the activities, the Deira district can be a good deal for lodging in Dubai. It’s also where you can find the cheapest accommodations in the city.

Advantages and disadvantages of Deira district in Dubai

The pros:

  • More authentic and historical atmosphere
  • Cheapest hotels

The cons:

  • Not as luxurious as Downtown
  • Quite far from the Marina
  • Distant from the most beautiful beaches

The best accommodations in Deira:

Swissôtel Al Ghurair Dubai : this hotel offers rooms with outstanding value for money for a family of 3.

Al Bandar Arjaan by Rotana – Dubai Creek : 100m2 apartments with two bedrooms and modern decoration.

Hyatt Place Dubai Wasl District Residences : spacious, comfortable apartments with one or two bedrooms and a buffet-style breakfast.

Deira district in Dubai
Deira district in Dubai

Al Bashra: a residential district to stay cheaply in Dubai

Al Bashra is a residential district located north of Dubai Marina.

Why choose the Al Bashra district for lodging in Dubai?

Mall of Emirates. The shopping center is located in the heart of Al Bashra district, with a metro stop that allows easy access. It is primarily known for its indoor ski slope.

Transport. The red line of the metro, which also serves the Marina, Downtown, Bur Dubai, and the airport, also stops in the Al Bashra district.

Al Bashra is a district where you can stay cheaply in Dubai while easily visiting the city.

The best hotels to stay in the Al Bashra district of Dubai: Courtyard, Kempinski, and the Grand Cosmopolitan

Advantages and disadvantages of Al Bashra district in Dubai

The pros:

  • Cheap hotels

The cons:

  • No direct access to the beach, Marina or Downtown

Where to stay in Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai for a first trip: Downtown

For a first trip, staying in the Downtown Dubai district is ideal. The proximity to Burj Khalifa, the artificial lake, the fountain show every evening, the gigantic shopping mall with plenty of restaurants, and even an aquarium. It’s the ideal place to stay for a first trip.

Thanks to its central location, visiting the historic neighborhoods in the north, such as Bur Dubai and Deira, is simple and fast, and just as easy to go to the Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

The best hotels in Downtown Dubai for a first trip are The St Regis and Address Dubai Mall.

1 week in Dubai. If you stay 7 days in Dubai, starting with 3 or 4 days in Downtown Dubai might be interesting, then staying in the Marina or Palm Jumeirah for the rest of the stay. This way, you can enjoy the city center and the beach without too much traveling.

dubai fountain

Best neighborhoods to stay in Dubai for a family trip: the Marina

For a family stay with children, the Marina and JBR district is perfect for staying in Dubai. The area is very pedestrian-friendly, which is always convenient with children. The walk around the Marina is beautiful and pleasant.

Best family hotels in Dubai

Revier Dubai: with excellent value for money, this hotel is ideal for a family holiday in Dubai. Located less than 2 km from the Dubai Fountain, it offers comfortable family rooms, an outdoor pool, and a gym.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Jumeirah Beach: two minutes from the beach, a pool, and a spa! A perfect place for spending superb family holidays in the Marina Bay of Dubai.

DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach: spacious and comfortable suites to maximize your family vacation in Dubai! All rooms have a balcony, and some have a private kitchen. 

DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai – Business Bay: a few steps from downtown Dubai, this hotel offers very nice rooms with a double bed and a large sofa bed. 

seaside united arab emirates

Pretty apartments to stay in Dubai as a family

Barceló Residences Dubai Marina: a 9-minute walk from the beach in the Marina district, this place is ideal for staying in Dubai as a family. Here, one can find apartments of different sizes with a kitchen and access to two hotel pools.

Ultimate Luxury 2-bedrooms in Downtown Dubai: a huge 160m2 apartment with two bedrooms, especially a balcony, and an exceptional view of Dubai! Great memories in prospect for the whole family! It is one of the best places to stay in Dubai as a family.

Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes: located in Downtown Dubai, this place includes two apartments for 3 people and another for 5 people. 

Where to stay in Dubai for a romantic getaway: the Marina

For a romantic stay in Dubai, the ideal is to stay in the district of Palm Jumeirah. It is the most romantic place in Dubai. Choose a hotel on the crescent, and you will be isolated in your paradise while admiring the Dubai skyline from afar.

The best hotels to stay romantically in Dubai: Atlantis, Raffles

Where to stay in Dubai for nightlife: the Marina

The Marina of Dubai is the ideal district for partying and enjoying the nightlife. Alcohol taxes are very high in Dubai. Alcohol will be costly. The best bars and nightclubs in the city are in the Marina. You will have a wide choice.

There are also Party Hotels. It is accommodations with a festive atmosphere. For example, the excellent Five Palm.

The best hotels to stay in Dubai for families: Address | SofitelRoyal Meridien

The best district for lovers, families, and to enjoy nightlife: Dubai Marina

Best neighborhood to stay in Dubai to enjoy the beaches: JBR

The sea is around 26°C in winter. It is ideal for swimming in the water. The Marina or JBR Beach is the best place to enjoy the beach in Dubai, so it is the neighborhood to stay in. The restaurants are excellent and complete the ideal district setting. In the evenings, it is also a perfect area to stroll along the beach or around the Marina.

The best hotels to stay in Dubai for families: RixosRoyal Meridien

Neighborhoods to Avoid in Dubai

Dubai is not a dangerous city. Thefts, assaults, and pickpocketing are almost nonexistent. It is an advantage that all travelers and expatriates emphasize: you feel safe in Dubai. In this sense, Dubai has no neighborhoods to avoid because you will be safe everywhere, day or night.

Some neighborhoods are not convenient for visiting the city or for vacations. These neighborhoods are rather to be avoided in Dubai. For example, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) or Academic City neighborhoods are to be avoided.

How to Get from the Airport to Downtown or Hotels in Dubai

There is only one main airport in Dubai. It is located north of the city, next to the Deira district and the neighboring city of Sharjah. However, there are other airports in the Dubai area: Sharjah Airport and Al Maktoum Airport. Some low-cost flights may land in Sharjah and not Dubai.

Metro. The red line of the metro serves Dubai’s airport. It is, therefore, a convenient way to reach the areas of Deira, Bur Dubai, Downtown, Al Barsha, or the Marina. However, you must walk from the metro stop to the hotel with your luggage. It can be a long walk, depending on your hotel’s location. So check the location of your hotel to be sure it is doable on foot.

Taxi. The taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get to the hotel. You can take a taxi at the airport upon arrival or order one in advance. The price depends on the distance you are going (for example, the price for the Marina).

Dubai Airport

Tips for a Trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

How to Get Around Locally: Public Transport and Taxi

Dubai has a reputation for being a city with an underdeveloped public transport system. Let’s be clear: it’s true. The taxi is often the simplest way to move around. However, public transport can be convenient in some specific cases.

Metro, monorail, and tram. There are only 5 lines in Dubai:

  • The red line, the main one, goes from the airport to the south of Dubai, passing by Downtown Dubai, the Marina, Deira, and Bur Dubai.
  • The green line travels through the historic districts, mainly Bur Dubai and Deira.
  • The Marina tram runs around the Marina and then up to the entrance of the Palm Jumeirah.
  • The Palm Jumeirah monorail crosses the island to the edge, the Aquatic Park, and the Atlantis Hotel.

If you are staying in Deira, Bur Dubai, Downtown, Al Barsha, or Marina, then public transport can be handy. The metro’s red line is elevated to the south of Bur Dubai, so it’s nice to see the landscape go by. However, it is still slower than taking a taxi. Plan for 1h30 to go from the Gold Souk in Deira to the end of the Palm Jumeirah, versus 45 minutes by taxi.

getting around in dubai metro

Women-only carriage. As in many cities around the world, such as Mexico or Tokyo, a carriage is reserved for women in the Dubai metro. Men are not allowed in these carriages. 

Water bus. There are several lines of water buses in Dubai Creek. It’s off the beaten path, so it may not suit everyone. For example, you can go from Festival City Mall to Creek Harbor District using line CR9.

Taxi. There are numerous taxis in Dubai. The problem is that they may not speak English well, and many drivers do not know the city well. Official taxis are all equipped with a meter to calculate the fare. Using a ride-hailing app like Uber or Careem is easier and more convenient.

Uber and Careem. Careem is the app equivalent to Uber in Dubai. Careem often has more drivers and is cheaper than Uber. However, both applications work in Dubai. It is the simplest way to move around Dubai because you can indicate where you want to go without explaining it to the driver. The price of the ride is estimated in advance, so there are no surprises. It is the best means of transportation in Dubai.

Internet abroad to order Careem in Dubai
You need Internet abroad to order Careem in Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is in the winter, from December to March. Going to Dubai to celebrate the new year with family or as a couple is an excellent idea. In the summer, the temperatures are too high: it exceeds 40°C almost every day.

For more information, see our article: The best (and worst) time to visit Dubai.

Best Accommodations in Dubai

? First tripDowntown District
? Luxury HotelAtlantis The Palm
? Romantic stayMarina District
? Family friendlyMarina District

FAQs Accommodations in Dubai

What are the best neighborhoods in Dubai?

The best neighborhoods for accommodations in Dubai are Downtown, the Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai represents authentic and historic Dubai. Downtown is modern Dubai. The Marina is a great neighborhood with restaurants, bars, a large beach, and an exceptional evening atmosphere. Palm Jumeirah is an iconic area of Dubai: an island shaped like a palm tree.

Where to take a stroll in Dubai in the evening?

The best neighborhoods to take a stroll in Dubai in the evening are Downtown and the Marina. There is a fountain show every night Downtown in front of the Burj Khalifa. Dubai Marina is a beautiful area to walk around in the evening with many restaurants and bars.

What is the most beautiful neighborhood in Dubai?

Several neighborhoods are charming in Dubai. For historical and authentic aspects, the most beautiful area is Bur Dubai, especially Al Fahidi and Al Seef. For modern Dubai, Downtown is the most beautiful neighborhood. Finally, to enjoy the beach, JBR Beach is the most beautiful neighborhood in Dubai.

Dubai is a destination that is increasingly attracting families: there are so many extraordinary activities to experience here! If you want to be in the heart of Dubai, and for a stay of less than 4 days, Downtown is the most suitable area. Otherwise, Marina or Jumeirah are perfect neighborhoods to stay by the sea in Dubai with children. Deira, on the other hand, is perfect for discovering more of Dubai’s traditional side and enjoying lower prices. For couples, Dubai is a sure bet for a wonderful stay, especially if you stay in the Marina or Downtown Dubai.

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