What to do in Miami, Florida | TOP 20 to visit

What should you do in Miami in 2 or 3 days? Discover the unmissable and unusual places to visit and the best things to do in Miami to discover this incredible city in Florida and the United States.

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  2. Best neighborhoods to visit 
  3. Itinerary for 2 days 
  4. Visit Los Angeles in 3 days 
what to do in miami florida trip

1. Enjoy Florida beaches and sunshine in Miami Beach

Must-see! If you go to Miami, you have to go to South Beach. It is undoubtedly the liveliest and best-known part of Miami. You will love the long beaches and the atmosphere that make this place unique.

Visit by boat. Visiting South Beach by boat from the Port of Miami is possible. It is an excellent activity for couples, family, or friends: see the photos and prices for this boat tour.

best beaches in miami

2. Explore Miami’s Thrilling Art Deco District

Wow! What colors! The Art Deco district is located in Miami Beach, between the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach Boulevard, Alton Road, and the Collins Canal (see it in Google Maps). Architecture lovers will love this area 100%. Don’t miss this neighborhood on your trip to Miami!

By segway! Visit South Beach with a guide! Discover the great must-sees of this mythical district of Miami by segway. A fun activity to do in Miami with friends. Find out more here: see photos and prices for a segway tour.

art deco architecture miami guided tour

3. Stroll Miami’s Ocean Drive

Outdoor cafes, glamorous atmosphere, Art Deco architecture. Ocean Drive is an avenue not to be missed when visiting Miami, particularly South Beach. Many travelers come to Miami specifically for this vibe.

Culinary tour! Among the best things to do in Miami Beach is the Culinary Tour. Traveler reviews are excellent. It is one of the activities that have the most positive feedback. Discover more information here: see reviews and photos.

Take a ride in a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder! If you love luxury cars, this is a perfect opportunity to drive here in Miami. Find all the conditions to drive a Lamborghini in Miami Beach: photos, prices, and reviews.

visit miami ocean drive

4. Marvel at nature at Everglades National Park

Amazing wildlife! Everglades National Park is a vast protected wetland near Miami (6,105 square kilometers). It is a must-visit place during your trip to Miami. An unforgettable moment to live! Visits are by airboat, with a guide.

If you go to Miami without a car. Some tours include transport from Miami Beach and admission tickets to the park. Here’s an example: Everglades tour.

If you are visiting Miami by car. You can go to the entrance of the Everglades National Park, then take a guided tour there: see the prices to visit the park (without transport from Miami).

visiting miami everglades park

5. Discover the street art of the Wynwood district of Miami

Amazing! The Wynwood neighborhood is one of the must-see places to visit in Miami. It allows you to discover another side of Miami, certainly less bling but just as fascinating!

Not to miss! If you visit Wynwood, do not miss thedeck at Wynwood Marketplace (see the position on Google Maps). It’s a lovely place to have a drink!

Wynwood’s prettiest frescoes! Take a guided tour of the Wynwood neighborhood to see the best and not miss a thing. For example, here is a one-hour guided tour with praising reviews: see prices and available dates.

wynwood art district miami florida trip

6. Visit Villa Vizcaya and its gardens

More than a museum! Located in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, Villa Vizcaya is beautiful and peaceful. It was built in 1916 in the style of a 16th-century Italian villa. This villa is one of the most visited places in Miami. The estate’s gardens are splendid. What a charming visit!

Tour from Miami Beach or Downtown. If you visit Miami without a car, you can take this option: entrance tickets + round-trip transport.

museum vizcaya to visit in miami

7. Discover the houses of the stars in Miami

Island, Hibiscus Island, Sunset Island, and the Venetian Islands! Explore Miami and its surroundings by boat. Cruises departing from the Miami Port are numerous. Some offer a trip to the islands of Miami and explore the most beautiful residences of stars. Here is an example of a cruise you might like: cruise to discover the stars’ homes.

star island to visit in miami

8. Admire a magnificent view of Miami from a rooftop

Some nice spots. The best rooftops in Miami are found in Miami Beach and, more specifically, in South Beach. Here are some examples (click on the place to see the geolocation in Google Maps):

view rooftop miami downtown

9. Marvel at the nighttime lights of Miami

Romantic cruise! There are evening cruises among the best activities in Miami as a couple. It’s a nice moment to live as a couple. The brilliant lights of Miami will leave you with unforgettable memories of this trip to Miami. Find out more: see photos.

10. Visit Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood

Surprising! Little Havana is a neighborhood to visit in Miami. It’s another side of this fantastic city. Little Havana is the Cuban heart of Miami: cafes with sliding windows, Cuban coffee, Cuban cigars, pretty Latin American art galleries, and many lovely places for lunch.

Good to know! As in some other Miami neighborhoods, visit Little Havana during the day. In the evening, certain streets in this district are to be avoided.

With a guide. To fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this Miami neighborhood, you can take a tour with a guide. You will taste the best Cuban coffee and tasty dishes of Cuban cuisine. It’s a great way to visit Miami differently, off the beaten track: see the prices and dates available for a tour of Little Havana with a guide.

visiting miami little havana area

11. Stroll through Miami’s Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Landscapes of the Caribbean and elsewhere! You will love strolling through this tropical garden. Located in Coral Gables (locate it on Google Maps), the Fairchild Botanical Garden is one of the must-see things to visit in Miami. Lose yourself in this great green space of Miami!

12. Visit the ancient monastery of Miami: The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Amazing place! Visiting this monastery is an unusual activity to do in Miami. It is incredible to discover such architecture in Miami. It’s not what you expect when you come to Miami, yet here it is! The monastery is outside downtown Miami (see it on Google Maps).

Good to know! Sometimes, the monastery closes for private events. Before your visit, we recommend you check the opening hours on the monastery’s official website to avoid unpleasant surprises.

13. Visit the beautiful Key West Islands from Miami

Idyllic landscapes! If you stay in Miami for several days, do not hesitate to visit the Key West islands. A unique place near Miami to visit.

Example. Many companies offer round-trip transfers from Miami to Key West by boat or bus. Here is an example of a boat tour (with a glass bottom!): see this tour’s photos and practical information.

key west island boat tour from miami

14. Go jet skiing or parasailing

Nautic activity! Jet skiing is among the best things to do in South Beach to enjoy the sun and the ocean. Check out the rates here.

And if you try the Flyboard? You can try it in Miami (see prices here). Water activities are the best things to do in Miami to make the most of the ocean and the sun during your vacation.

activities to do in miami beach florida

15. Visit Zoo Miami

Huge zoo! Visiting Zoo Miami is a must-do activity in Miami. This zoo is so huge that it is almost impossible to see it on foot. The visit can be done by monorail, pedal car, or Safari Tram Tour. It is possible to pet the animals. It is an entertaining visit to make when visiting Miami as a family.

How to visit? Zoo Miami is located outside of downtown. You can book tickets here.

16. Discover the Little Haiti district of Miami

Caribbean neighborhood! Murals, fruit stalls, exhibitions, dance performances, etc. Little Haiti is a lively district of Miami.

Not to miss. If you come here, don’t hesitate to visit Clive’s Cafe restaurant (for Jamaican cuisine), Space Park, or the Caribbean Marketplace. The places are more frequented during exceptional events or on weekends. It is not a very touristy area of ​​Miami. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track tour, this is the place for you. Prefer the visit during the day.

17. Visit the contemporary art museum: Pérez Art Museum Miami

For art lovers! Superb architecture, magnificent surroundings, and stunning collections to discover inside. Discover more information on the museum’s official website.

18. Visit the Miami Oceanarium: Miami Seaquarium

With family! The Miami Seaquarium can be added to your discovery itinerary if you visit Miami with your family. It is the largest aquarium in the United States!

miami seaquarium

19. Attend an NBA game

Miami Heat! During your trip to Miami, you can take the opportunity to see an NBA game! Miami Heat is Miami’s historic basketball team, founded here in 1988. Discover the authentic show and the incredible atmosphere of NBA games!

nba match miami

20. Cool off at Venetian Pool

A swimming pool with spring water. Famous for its Venetian decor, Venetian Pool is a public swimming pool in Coral Gables, Florida, 6 miles from Downtown Miami. It is a popular place with locals. The swimming pool was built in 1923 around a basin in a coral quarry.

Best places to stay for visiting Miami

Among the best areas to stay in when visiting Miami are Miami Beach (South Beach and Mid Beach), Downtown Miami, Brickell, or even Design District and Coconut Grove. Neighborhoods such as Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Brickell are the most interesting for a first or short trip to Miami. Find accommodations here or some lovely hotels below.

Hotel Indigo – Miami Brickell: This hotel is located in Downtown Miami and is one of the best accommodations for a trip to Miami. For example, this hotel is not far from the Port of Miami if you are going on a cruise from Miami.

Hotel Greystone – Adults Only: This hotel is located in Miami Beach and is perfect for a romantic trip to Miami.

Courtyard Coral Gables: Located in Coral Gables, this hotel is an excellent spot for a family vacation in Miami.

Discover more hotels and tips in our blog post: Where to stay in Miami, Florida.

What to do to visit Miami in 2 days?

Here is an itinerary to visit Miami (Florida) in 2 days.

First day: what to visit on the first day of travel in Miami?

  • Take a cruise from the Port of Miami (see prices)
  • Visit the Art Deco district of South Beach
  • Walk Miami’s Ocean Drive
  • Admire a beautiful view of Miami from a rooftop

Second day: what to visit on the second day of travel in Los Angeles?

You can enjoy the ocean and water activities of South Beach or otherwise go elsewhere. For instance:

what to do in miami in 3 days

How to visit Miami in 3 days?

On the third day of your trip to Miami, you can explore the different neighborhoods of Miami or enjoy the ocean.

Traveling to Miami with family: you can go to Zoo Miami (see admission tickets).

For a stay in Miami as a couple, you can visit:

how to visit miami in 2 days

Miami is an extraordinary city to visit in the United States during a trip to Florida. The ocean and water activities and the nightlife attract many travelers to Miami. However, Miami is a destination for young people and a city to discover with the family.

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