What to do in Brussels, Belgium | TOP 16 in 2, 3, or 4 days

Are you planning to visit Brussels, Belgium, for 2, 3, or 4 days? Perfect! Here are the best things to do in Brussels and the must-see places. At the end, you will also find itineraries for a weekend or a more extended trip to Brussels. Let’s go!

1. Admire the Grand Place of Brussels

It’s the ultimate must-see! The Grand Place of Brussels is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The buildings’ architecture and lace-like gilding will certainly not leave you indifferent!

Consider visiting this square at nightfall when the illuminations light up the buildings, making this place even more magical.

2. Discover the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

Just a 1-minute walk from the Grand Place, the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries are a perfect place to stroll in a magnificent setting in Brussels. Chocolate shops, watchmakers, and other elegant and beautifully decorated shops: that’s what awaits you inside!

If you spend Christmas in Brussels, you’ve got another reason to visit. The decorations are magical, and the atmosphere is delightful for the holiday season.

Royal Galleries of Saint Hubert
The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert

3. See the famous Manneken Pis statue

Over the years and even centuries, Manneken Pis has become one of the symbols of the city. This unusual statue is a few minutes from Grand Place (see it on Google Maps).

Even if the current version of the statue dates from 1619, the first mentions of Manneken Pis go back to the 15th century! There are several legends about the history of the statue. One of them is about a boy who would have urinated on a witch’s house, who then turned him into a statue.

Good to know! Besides Manneken Pis, you can also see two other “similar theme” statues in Brussels: Jeanneke Pis of a girl and Zinneke Pis of a dog.

manneken pis to see in brussels weekend
Manneken Pis

4. Taste Belgian waffles

All over downtown Brussels, you will see waffles of all kinds! With fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, or jam, there is the perfect waffle for everyone!

Some places stand out more than others. Here are the ones we liked the most during our trip to Brussels (yes, we had more than one):

belgian waffles

5. Watch the sunset from the Mont des Arts

If you visit Brussels for 2, 3, 4 days, or more, it’s one of the places to discover! Mont des Arts is less than a 10-minute walk from Grand Place.

The best time to visit the Mont des Arts in Brussels is sunset. Admiring a beautiful view of the city while enjoying a Belgian waffle simultaneously? Of course!

mont des arts watch sunset
Mont des Arts in Brussels

6. Walk around the Sablon district

Visiting the Sablon district means visiting one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brussels. Considered the art district of Brussels, the Sablon stands out.

What to do in the Sablon district of Brussels?

  • Go on the Ferris wheel at Place Poelaert
  • Visit the Notre-Dame des Victoires at Sablon Church
  • Take a tour of the antique market on Grand Sablon Square (weekends only)
  • Visit the Palace of Justice (see right after)
  • Discover the collections of the Brussels Fine Arts Museum
  • Stroll in Egmont Park

7. Visit the Palace of Justice of Brussels

A stunning building, both outside and inside! Visiting the Palace of Justice is becoming increasingly popular among travelers, but it is still one of the lesser-known unusual places in Brussels.

Plan a twenty-minute walk to the Palace of Justice from Grand Place in Brussels.

8. Go up the Atomium

Ah, the Atomium! This mythical monument of Brussels was built for the 1958 World’s Fair and remains one of the most recognizable landmarks of the Belgian capital today.

Visiting the Atomium is even more striking in the evening (photos below). Come here to enjoy this special and unique atmosphere! Book tickets in advance.

Good to know! Right next to the Atomium is another Brussels tourist attraction: Mini-Europe. Here, you can see all the must-see monuments of Europe in open-air miniature. The scale is 1 to 25. To do during the day!

9. Visit the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels (Comic Museum)

Brussels is the comic strip capital of the world. To dive into this magical world, visit the Comic Museum of Brussels. Many famous comic writers are Brussels natives, like Peyo (The Smurfs), Franquin (Gaston), and Hergé (The Adventures of Tintin).

It’s the perfect place to discover the comic creation process and learn more about its birth and history. A fun visit for both adults and children!

10. Admire the Saints-Michel-and-Gudule Cathedral of Brussels

The Saints-Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral was built in 1519 and stands 114 meters tall. Its construction lasted almost 3 centuries! The stained glass windows are magnificent. It is a lovely visit in Brussels, a 10-minute walk from the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

Saints Michel and Gudule Cathedral
Inside the Saints Michel and Gudule Cathedral

11. Visit the Brussels Train Museum: Train World

What else is there to do in Brussels? Train World! It’s a fantastic visit to do with kids or for those who are passionate about the world of trains. The scenography is exceptional, and there’s even a driving simulation! You learn a lot while having fun.

Discover more information about the museum and buy tickets here: book tickets for Train World.

12. Visit the House of European History

The permanent exhibition of the House of European History is free! It’s an excellent opportunity to discover the history of Europe and the European integration. Plan for approximately 90 minutes for the visit.

13. Discover the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

If you go to Brussels in the spring, you are in luck! The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are only open to the public once a year and only for 3 weeks. The opening dates vary from year to year. You can find out more about upcoming dates and tickets here. It is necessary to book in advance.

14. Take a trip to the Halles de Saint-Géry

Among the more unusual places to visit during a 2- or 3-day weekend in Brussels are the Halles de Saint-Géry! They are located in the city center of Brussels (see it on Google Maps).

This former covered market is an exhibition center and a space to enjoy Brussels conviviality with a drink. We recommend it for getting off the beaten path. It’s excellent!

15. See the Brandenburg Gate (Cinquantenaire Monument)

The Cinquantenaire Monument is another must-see monument in Brussels. If you spend 4 days in Brussels, you will have time to visit this monument. It is pretty outlying (see it on Google Maps). It takes more than a 40-minute walk from the city center to reach it, or you can take public transport or a taxi.

monument door brussels to see
The Gate

16. Visit the Brussels Natural Science Museum

The Natural Science Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Brussels! The Dinosaur Gallery is superb. If you’re looking for an activity in Brussels with kids, it’s the ideal place to have a good time and learn new things. For a family trip to Brussels, it’s great. Find more information about this visit on the museum’s website.

What to do with 2 days in Brussels?

Here’s an example itinerary for a 2-day weekend in Brussels.

First day of a weekend in Brussels

  • See Place-Grande
  • Discover the Royal Saint Hubert Galleries
  • See the Manneken Pis
  • Admire the Saints-Michel-and-Gudule Cathedral of Brussels
  • Go to the Mont des Arts
  • Taste Belgian fries, waffles and beers

Second day of a weekend in Brussels

  • Walk around the Sablon district (on weekends, take a tour of the antique market at Grand Sablon)
  • Visit the Palais de Justice or the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit the Atomium (book tickets here)

Where to stay in Brussels for a 2-day weekend?

If you are staying 1 night in Brussels, the best is to lodge in the city center, not far from the Grand Place, so you can visit Brussels on foot. Among the best places are LATROUPE Grand Place Hostel and Hotel des Galeries.

How to spend 3 days in Brussels, Belgium?

Here’s what you can do for a 3-day weekend in Brussels on the 3rd day of your trip.

  • Visit the Brussels train museum (book tickets for Train World) or the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels (Comic Strip Museum)
  • Take a tour at the Halles de Saint-Géry
  • See the Jeanneke Pis and Zinneke Pis statues

Where to stay in Brussels for a 3-day weekend?

If you stay 2 nights in Brussels, you can either stay in the city center or move further away. Here are the hotels from our selection:

To learn more about the neighborhoods of Brussels, read our article: Where to stay in Brussels.

What to do to visit Brussels in 4 days?

For a 4-day trip to Brussels, here is an idea of visits to make for the 4th day.

  • See the Brandenburg Gate (Cinquantenaire Monument)
  • Visit the House of European History or the Brussels Natural Sciences Museum

Where to stay in Brussels for a 4-day weekend?

If you spend 4 days in Brussels, you can book an apartment for more comfort in an aparthotel (for example, Aparthotel Adagio Brussels Grand Place) or stay in a separate apartment (for example, Apartments Berlaymont OHY).

You can visit Brussels’ must-see attractions in 2 or 3 days. However, if you would like to visit the Brussels museums and see various city neighborhoods, 4 days is an ideal period to enjoy this trip leisurely without rushing.

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