Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

You can visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by car, guided tour, or helicopter. The distance between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas is 273 miles (439 km). Part of the journey goes through the mythical Route 66.

  1. Guided tours 
  2. By helicopter 
  3. By plane 
  4. Go to the Grand Canyon by car 
  5. Sleep on a ranch
visiting grand canyon from las vegas

1. One-day guided tours

Several companies offer excursions to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. These guided tours include the round trip by bus, as well as the comments and explanations of the guide. In general, these excursions last 10 hours. Some tours include other locations (e.g., Antelope Canyon or Hoover Dam) and last longer.

Grand Canyon: make the most of it! Here is a guided tour from Las Vegas where you can spend 3 hours at the Grand Canyon: find out more.

Grand Canyon + Hoover Dam: This tour from Las Vegas lasts 11 hours. It contains options that you can add according to your desires and needs. For example, lunch or Skywalk tickets. Discover more information here: photos, reviews, and prices for this excursion.

Grand Canyon + Antelope Canyon + Horseshoe Bend: This guided tour lasts 17 hours. Incredible and unforgettable landscapes await you. A fantastic day of sightseeing! For more information: prices to visit Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend.

Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

2. Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by helicopter

A unique experience awaits you! Visiting the Grand Canyon by helicopter is simply extraordinary. The beauty of the landscapes is breathtaking. It is the activity to do to make your trip unforgettable.

How does it work? The duration is 4 hours in total. As you leave Las Vegas, you will also be able to take the opportunity to see the Strip from the air. After flying over the rim, you will land facing Colorado, and on the way back, enjoy the Grand Canyon one last time. If you want to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by helicopter, click here to find out more (reviews, photos, and prices depending on your travel dates).

3. Visit the Garden Canyon from Las Vegas by plane

Why by plane? For some people, flying in an airplane may be more comfortable than in a helicopter (for example, some find there is more space and therefore it is better). The excursion duration is also often 4 hours, including hotel pick-up before the flight. You can compare for yourself: see more details about this excursion.

flight grand canyon from las vegas

4. Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by car

Distance. The distance between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas is 273 miles or 439 km. Allow 4.5 hours by car between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Once there, you can plan your visits over 1, 2 days, or more. Among the best activities to do are the visit to the Skywalk (see on Google Maps) and the flight over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. The helicopter tour costs less than the tour from Las Vegas because it takes less time (compare rates).

Good to know! We can divide the Grand Canyon into 4 main parts: South Rim, Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon East, and North Rim. South Rim is the most visited part, known for its impressive landscapes and views.

guided tours from las vegas to visit grand canyon

5. Stop at a ranch

If you visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by car, you will pass on the mythical route 66. You can stop in a motel or sleep in a ranch on the way.

Experience to live! Sleeping on a ranch means immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West and the Western. And visiting the Garden Canyon is the perfect opportunity to do so. For example, here is a ranch in Meadview (25 minutes drive from Skywalk): Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

If you visit the Grand Canyon for several days, discover the best places to stay in our blog article:ย Best places to stay near the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the must-do things from Las Vegas. Donโ€™t miss this opportunity to discover this incredible natural place!

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