Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali: Ultimate guide for visiting

The Monkey Forest in Ubud is one of the must-see places to visit in Bali. It is a magnificent place where several hundred monkeys live in freedom! Here is the essential information to prepare for this visit and enjoy it on the spot.

How to visit Monkey Forest in Ubud?

The Monkey Forest in Ubud is one of the top five most visited places in Bali. Therefore, it is very touristic, especially in the dry season (from April to September), particularly in July and August.

You can buy tickets once you are there. However, you may need to queue. If you visit Ubud Monkey Forest in July or August, you can book the tickets in advance:ย Ubud Monkey Forest Tickets.

Tours with a driver.ย Booking a tour, including the monkey forest with other must-see places in Ubud, is also possible. For example, the rice fields of Tegallalang, the temple of Tirta Empul, or the temple of Goa Gajah.ย Here is an example with a waterfall and a swing. It’s a great way to see many places while optimizing time and travel.

Private driver.ย To tour Ubud, you can find a driver on site or book a day with a driver-guide in advance on the Internet who can offer you a customized itinerary (see prices here).

Monkey Forest in Bali

Things to know before visiting

  • The Monkey Forest is a sacred place for the Balinese. For this reason, once inside, you will find many temples.
  • If you want to take pictures with the monkeys, ask the guides on-site to help you.
  • Don’t look the monkeys in the eye.
  • Pay attention to your personal belongings, especially small items. Some monkeys are not shy and may try to pick them up.
  • Do not try to catch monkeys, baby monkeys.
  • The Monkey Forest has multiple areas. Take your time to discover them: beautiful surprises await you.

How long does it take to visit the monkey forest?

Plan for one to two hours for this visit. Also, take water with you to stay hydrated. There are no cafes or shops inside the forest.

Where is the entrance to the Monkey Forest in Ubud?

The entrance to the Monkey Forest can be found here: see the access location on Google Maps.

Stay near the Monkey Forest in Ubud

If you stay a few days in Ubud, you can stay in downtown Ubud, close to the Monkey Forest.

Wenara Bali Bungalowsย is a guest house only a few steps from the monkey forest.

Kaamala Resort Ubudย is a beautiful resort that offers suites or villas with views of the jungle or the river. It is a superb place for couples or a family to stay.

Discover our selection of accommodation here: Where to stay in Ubud.

A less tourist alternative

If you want to tour off the beaten path, visit another Monkey Forest in Ubud! It is calledย Sangeh Monkey Forest. It is 17 km from downtown Ubud and much less touristy. However, the monkeys are less used to humans and can be aggressive.

Find other places to visit in Ubud in our article: What to do in Ubud.

Visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud will leave you with great memories and undoubtedly mark your trip to Bali!

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