How many days to visit Seoul?

Seoul has a lot of must-see places to visit in Korea. In addition, almost half of the country’s population lives in the capital. Therefore, we cannot consider a trip to South Korea without visiting Seoul. How many days to visit Seoul should you plan for? How many days should you spend in Seoul during your trip, what is the time needed?

4 days are the minimum needed to visit Seoul.

If you plan a 10-day trip to South Korea, plan for at least 4 days in Seoul. This is the minimum time to discover the city’s principal places. However, you will need more time to discover Seoul differently, off the beaten track, and in the city center.

Keep in mind that you will probably arrive jet-lagged. Allow at least a day to get used to local time. The first few days will probably not intense regarding visits. For this reason, 4 days is the minimum needed to visit Seoul.

What is the ideal duration to visit Seoul on a 2-week trip to South Korea?

If you are going to South Korea for 2 weeks, how many days should spend in Seoul? You can easily plan at least 5, 6, or even 7 days. You won’t be bored!

Some visits may take a whole day. For instance, visiting the DMZ (demilitarized zone) from Seoul, visiting the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, or even visiting Bukhansan National Park are full-day trips. Time will fly.

For a 4 to 6-day trip to Seoul, choose accommodation in central districts or near the metro. Find our advice in the article: Where to stay in Seoul.

A week in Seoul, or even more?

Seoul is a vast city. You can easily spend a week in Seoul to fully immerse yourself in this fascinating city. There are many different neighborhoods to visit and places in the suburbs of Seoul that are worth visiting.

If you are a Korean culture or K-pop fan, you won’t see the time, that’s for sure! Even if you stay there for 10 days in Seoul or two weeks.

Find the best places to visit in Seoul in our article: TOP 40 things to do in Seoul.

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