How to get from Heathrow Airport to Downtown London

How to get from Heathrow Airport to downtown London? To reach downtown London from Heathrow Airport, you have at least 4 options: public transport, Heathrow Express or Connect, or London airport transfer and taxi. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. Underground ?
  2. Heathrow Express ?
  3. Heathrow Connect ?
  4. Airport transfer and taxi ?

1. Going to downtown London from Heathrow Airport by public transport

Elizabeth Line + The Piccadilly Line. These two subway lines serve Heathrow Airport. It is the most economical solution to reach downtown London. You can even use the Oyster Card (London’s public transport card).

Travel time. From Heathrow Airport, plan for at least 45 minutes to downtown London. Ideally, avoid peak hours to enjoy a more comfortable journey. 

london subway airport transfer

2. Reach London from Heathrow Airport by Heathrow Express

Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express directly connects Heathrow Airport to Paddington Station. This option is best for those staying near this station (see location on Google Maps). However, if you have luggage or your hotel is not close to the station, this may not be the ideal option. 

Travel time. The Heathrow Express takes you to downtown London from Heathrow Airport in just 15 minutes. However, you must take other transport to reach your accommodation.

Price. A one-way ticket costs about 30 GBP, and a round-trip ticket costs about 40 GBP. Therefore, it is more interesting to buy a round-trip ticket to save money. The taxi may be a better option if you are 2 or 3, especially as it will take you directly to your accommodation.

3. Take Heathrow Connect

What’s the difference with Heathrow Express? Heathrow Connect makes the same journey as the Heathrow Express but makes stops. Therefore, the travel time is longer.

Travel time. The journey takes 27 minutes (versus 15 minutes for the Heathrow Express).

Price. Tickets are about half as expensive as for the Heathrow Express. Like the Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect will not take you to your accommodation. So, you will most certainly have to transfer, considering that the Oyster card (London’s public transport card) is not accepted on these train trips.

Take a taxi or book a Heathrow airport transfer to go to downtown London

You can book an airport transfer in advance to go to downtown London from Heathrow Airport with maximum comfort.

Travel time. Expect between 30 and 50 minutes of travel time, depending on the location of your accommodation.

How to book? Several companies offer this service. You can compare this service and this provider to find the Heathrow airport transfer to downtown London that is best suited.

To go from Heathrow Airport to downtown London, you have at least 4 options. If you are staying close to Paddington station, the Heathrow Express is your best option. Otherwise, the most economical option is the underground. And finally, the most comfortable solution is the airport transfer. It’s one of the best ways to reach downtown London from Heathrow Airport as quickly as possible without carrying luggage and going directly to your hotel (see prices). 

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