Visitors’ Guide to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore: a must-visit

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s great must-sees. This immense 101-hectare urban natural park is home to more than 500,000 species of plants. It is a magical place to visit during the day and at nightfall to see the magnificent Garden Rhapsody show. See everything you can see at Gardens by the Bay so you don’t miss a thing on your trip to Singapore.

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  2. Cloud Forest ?
  3. Flower Dome ?
  4. Floral Fantasy ?
  5. OCBC Skyway ?
  6. Garden Rhapsody show ?
  7. Supertree Observatory ?
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  9. Stay in Singapore with a splendid view of the Gardens of the Bay ?
Visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Tips for Visiting Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Tickets.ย Combo tickets include entry to the following locations: Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Floral Fantasy (see ticket prices here). The visit is well worth it! To get on OCBC Skyway, you have to take other tickets. Learn more about each of these locations below.

Best time to visit Gardens by the Bay. Most visitors to the Gardens by the Bay are on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. Mornings, almost every day of the week, are much quieter.

Cold? The interiors are air-conditioned. Moreover, this is often the case in Singapore, in malls or shops. If you fear the cold, take a scarf or extra clothing.

Cloud Forest

Magnificent waterfall and lush vegetation! Cloud Forest is one of the most impressive places to visit at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. You feel like you’re in another dimension.

Flower Dome

In this huge air-conditioned greenhouse, you will find magnificent exotic plants from all over the world. It is a perfect and pleasant experience during a trip to Singapore. Gardens By the Bay tickets often include the Flower Dome (see prices here).

Illuminations. If you want to visit the Gardens by the Bay, you can come after dark, even for the interior visit. Everything lights up at nightfall, and it’s also gorgeous. On the other hand, there are the most visitors at this time because many travelers come to see the Garden Rhapsody show (see below) and take the opportunity to visit the interiors of the Gardens by the Bay.

Visit Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Floral Fantasy

Colorful flowers, waterfalls, and poisonous frogs? You will love this visit! The exhibitions vary according to the seasons. Visiting Floral Fantasy without visiting Cloud Forest or Flower Dome (tickets here) is possible. Nevertheless, it is a complementary visit to the Cloud Forest and Flore Dome.

OCBC Skyway

Thanks to this footbridge, you can walk between these fantastic trees! If you visit the Gardens by the Bay, you can climb this walkway to discover the beauty of this magical place from another angle.

Good to know! Tickets for OCBC Skyway are sold separately from other tickets. In addition, you can only buy them once on-site and with cash.

OCBC Skyway in Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

Garden Rhapsody Show

What show! It is a truly magical moment that you are going to experience. This show is often the highlight of a trip to Singapore, with the visit to Gardens By The Bay. You will love this moment that will make this trip unforgettable.

When? The Garden Rhapsody show occurs every day at dusk and twice a day. For this reason, travelers prefer to visit Gardens by the Bay after dark. See official timetable here.

Rhapsody Show in Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

Supertree Observatory

360-degree view! From Supertree Observatory, you can discover a magnificent view of the Gardens by the Bay and other places and monuments of Singapore, such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Tips. Supertree Observatory is not necessarily the best place to visit, or it is not a must. You can consider visiting Supertree Observatory on a second trip to Singapore. On a first trip, OCBC Skyway is a better option for the exterior visit, and Cloud Forest and Flowers Dome for the interior (see combined tickets here).

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Best things to do in Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

How to visit the Gardens by the Bay for free?

The best thing to do in Gardens by the Bay and Singapore for free is the magnificent Garden Rhapsody show. It takes place every day. A vast area of Gardens By the Bay is free to visit. Here are the main places you can visit for free at Gardens By the Bay, Singapore:

  • Bay East Garden
  • Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lake
  • Active Garden
  • Far East Organization Children’s Garden
  • Heritage GardensSerene Garden
  • Sun Pavilion
  • Supertree Grove
  • The Canyon
  • World of Plants

All these spaces are free to visit. You can walk there while having a nice view of the fantastic trees of the Gardens by the Bay. More information on the official website.

Dragon Fly bay, Singapore

Hotels with a view of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Few hotels get an unobstructed view of the Gardens by the Bay. Thus, the rates for these accommodations are higher than average.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands is the most famous hotel with a direct view of the Gardens By the Bay. It is 3 skyscrapers connected by a single terrace. Its rooftop infinity pool is also famous on Instagram. Some of the rooms directly overlook the Gardens of the Bay! Therefore, you can enjoy the magic of this unmissable place in Singapore directly from your room. Gorgeous!

Another hotel also enjoys a view of the Gardens by the Bay: The Ritz-Carlton. This hotel is located on the other side of Marina Bay. Thanks to this location, some rooms have an unobstructed view of both the Gardens of the Bay and Marina Bay, including the Marina Bay Sands hotel (which we mentioned above).

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Hotels with a view on Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

To visit the Gardens by the Bay of Singapore, plan for several hours and make at least one visit to these 3 places: Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, or Floral Fantasy. A walk on the OCBC Skyway can complete this visit. At nightfall, don’t miss the magnificent Garden Rhapsody show. You will love this tour, that’s for sure.

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