Where to Stay in Seville | Best Neighborhoods and Hotels

Where to stay in Seville for a two —or three-day weekend? Here is our guide that will help you enjoy your stay in Andalusia, whether as a couple or with family. You will find the best areas to stay for visiting Seville, the areas to avoid, and our selection of the best hotels and apartments. Let’s get started!

Our favorites in Seville, Spain

The best neighborhoods where to stay in Seville

Which district to stay in Seville

Several districts in Seville are particularly suitable for visiting the city. The best things to do in Seville (Coming Soon) are concentrated in the center. Moreover, the city center is pleasant to walk around: the streets are small, and there is little traffic. You can choose a hotel away from the center to stay in Seville on a budget. However, it might be challenging to get around. There is only one metro line and a single tram line, which is inconvenient for visiting the city. The bus is possible, although it is not the simplest solution. Especially if you are only coming for a weekend in Seville. By choosing to stay away from the city center, you will probably need to take taxis more often. That’s why choosing a central place to stay is cost-effective, even if the night is a bit more expensive.

The city is organized around the historical center, the Casco Antiguo, where most of the places to visit are located. Throughout the Casco Antiguo, you will find tiny streets and historical buildings. Within the Casco Antiguo, there are several districts worth visiting, such as Barrio Santa CruzEl Arenal, or Alameda.

The Barrio Santa Cruz is located south of the Casco Antiguo, around the Cathedral, its Giralda, and the Real Alcazar. El Arenal is to the east of Santa Cruz and runs along the Guadalquivir River. This district is where the Seville Arena is located. The Centro is to the north of these districts up to the Plaza de Encarnacion, where the Metropol Parasol is located. The Alameda district is north of the Casco Antiguo, around the large Alameda de Hercules square.

North of Casco Antiguo is the Macarena district. It is a fairly young residential area and much calmer than the districts of Casco Antiguo. Moreover, you will find fewer accommodations here. They are mostly apartments with kitchens or budget hotels.

The Nervion district with the Seville train station is east of the Casco Antiguo. It’s not the historical center and is less suitable for visiting the city. However, the main places to visit are easily accessible on foot, and accommodations are cheaper in this district.

The El Porvenir district is directly south of the Nervion district. It is the district of Plaza de España, Plaza de Americas, and Maria Luisa Park. In addition, a very convenient tram allows you to reach the historical center. The district is particularly well-suited for staying with family in Seville.

On the other side of the Guadalquivir River are three districts: TrianaLos Remedios, and La Cartuja. Triana is one of the most authentic districts of Seville. It’s far from the center and therefore not necessarily recommended for a first trip. Los Remedios is to the south of Triana. It’s an excellent alternative to the latter, being more residential. Los Remedios is also the district of the large Feria de Abril. La Cartuja is to the north of Triana. It’s the district of the 1992 Universal Exhibition whose remains are left abandoned. It’s also a business district, so it’s more of a district to avoid when visiting Seville.

How to choose the best district to stay in Seville, Spain?

To help you choose the best place, here is a description of the best districts to stay in if you visit Seville in three days or more. We have included several important criteria, such as location, the authentic and local side of the district, accommodation rates, places to visit, restaurants, tranquility, or the nightlife of the district.

Santa Cruz

The Barrio Santa Cruz is the heart of Seville, south of the Casco Antiguo. In this district, you will find the main attractions: the Cathedral and its Giralda, as well as the Real Alcazar (Coming Soon). The Barrio Santa Cruz is a must-see district, even if you choose not to stay in this area of Seville. It is a true labyrinth of small winding streets typical of the Andalusian capital.

Why choose the Santa Cruz neighborhood to stay in Seville?

The Giralda is a former minaret, converted after the Spanish Reconquista. You can climb to the top for a superb view of the city. However, be aware that you must walk up. It is primarily ramps. Ultimately, the Giralda looks prettier when viewed from another high point. For example, the view from the rooftops of Casa 1800 is breathtaking. This is not the only view in Seville; there is also a beautiful view from Metropol Parasol. In the Seville Cathedral, do not miss the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Along with the Cathedral, Giralda, and Real Alcazar, the Barrio Santa Cruz hosts a 3rd UNESCO World Heritage Site: the General Archive of the Indies. This building, open to the public, houses the most important collection of documents about the conquest of America.

Seville is also Flamenco, a dance that is quintessentially Andalusian. To the north of Santa Cruz is the Flamenco Museum. To the west lies the Casa de Flamenco, the house of Flamenco, with splendid performances. The Santa Cruz neighborhood also houses many other Flamenco venues (Tablao Flamenco), such as Casa de la Guitarra or Los Gallos.

In front of the cathedral, by taking a covered pedestrian alley, you find a surprising semicircular square with a fountain: the Plaza del Cabildo.

The Barrio Santa Cruz is ideal for staying in Seville, thanks to its numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars. The variety is vast, and you will find all types of cuisine, especially tapas bars.

The Barrio Santa Cruz is understandably the most touristy part of the city. The price of hotels in this area is higher than in other areas of Seville. This overly touristy aspect is prominent near restaurants where hawkers approach you in all languages. Nevertheless, the Barrio Santa Cruz remains an ideal district for staying in Seville and visiting on foot.

Pros and Cons of the Barrio Santa Cruz


  • the Cathedral, the Giralda, and the Real Alcazar
  • Very lively
  • Everything can be visited on foot
  • Lots of hotels


  • More expensive than other neighborhoods
  • Very touristy
  • Crowded streets

The best hotels in the Barrio Santa Cruz:

  • Casa 1800. The best view of the Giralda in Seville. Ideal for an unforgettable stay in Seville.
  • Joya del Casco. The hotel is ideally located in a quiet alley in the historic center. As a bonus: a rooftop with a view of the Giralda.
  • Fernando III. The rooms are more classic than the other choices in Santa Cruz, but they are also less expensive.
  • Casa del Poeta is a very beautiful hotel with a typical Andalusian inner courtyard. It is magnificent for a romantic stay in Seville.
Barrio Santa Cruz, a neighborhood to stay in Seville
Barrio Santa Cruz


Centro is the most central district of Casco Antiguo to stay in Seville. It is between Town Hall Square, Plaza Nueva, and Plaza de Encarnacion. As with the rest of the Casco Antiguo, you will find many small streets here that are very pleasant to stroll around.

Why choose the Centro district to stay in Seville?

In the Centro district, you will find the large department stores and most shops. The iconic Spanish department store, El Corte Inglès, is located along Mendez Nunez Street. The large Spanish brands are also present, with Zara, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, or Stradivarius. However, there are few luxury boutiques in Seville. Dior, Chanel, and Balenciaga do not have an official store in Seville.

On Plaza de Encarnacion is Metropol Parasol. It is a structure resembling mushrooms (hence its Spanish nickname: Setas de Sevilla) that covers the square. You can climb above the mushrooms and discover a short walk from mushroom to mushroom with a superb city view. Elevators are available for easy ascent. At the top is a café where you can have a refreshing drink. There are also Roman ruins underground. If you stay at the Casa de Indias, you can also admire this masterpiece from your hotel room.

Heading towards the Guadalquivir River, you will also notice the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, which is located in a former convent.

So, Centro is a practical district to stay in Seville for visiting on foot. There are excellent hotels in this area.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Centro district

The pros.

  • You can visit everything on foot
  • Shops are nearby

The cons.

  • Crowded streets

The best hotels in Centro:

  • Casa de Indias. The hotel is directly located on Plaza de Encarnacion. From the rooftop, Metropol Parasol is very much in view!
  • abba Sevilla. With a view of the Giralda from the rooftop, it’s the perfect place for a romantic evening. It’s an ideal hotel for a romantic stay in Seville.
  • Aquitania Home Suites. An aparthotel ideally located for visiting Seville.
Metropol Parasol in the Centro neighborhood for where to stay in Seville
Metropol Parasol in the Centro neighborhood

El Arenal

El Arenal is the district of Seville located between the Guadalquivir River, the Santa Cruz neighborhood, and the Centro district. It is, therefore, very well located in the Casco Antiguo, close to the main places to visit in Seville. In the El Arenal district, one can find the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria, the bullring of Seville, where you can watch bullfighting shows.

Why choose the El Arenal district to stay in Seville?

There was also once a port here: the Port of the Indies. This port was significant due to its monopoly on trade with the Americas. The Torre del Oro on the banks of the Guadalquivir is a must-see. This watchtower dates back to the Muslim era, before the Reconquista.

From the banks of the Guadalquivir, you can view the Triana district on the other side of the river. The view from the rooftop terrace of the Kivir hotel is even better. It is also possible to take a boat ride.

The Arco del Postigo del Aceite, or Oil Postigo, is an old gate of the Seville city wall. It is named Oil Postigo because oil transited between the port and the city through here. It is next to the Plaza del Cabildo mentioned in the Santa Cruz district.

Adriano Street has delicious tapas bars like the Bodeguita Reyes Antonio Romero, the Baratillo, and Casa Pepe Hillo.

Therefore, El Arenal is a superb district in which to stay in Seville. It is close to the main places to visit and has good restaurants. There are also Flamenco show venues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the El Arenal district


  • The Plaza de Toros
  • The banks of the Guadalquivir
  • Close to the main places to visit


  • Rather high prices

The best hotels in El Arenal:

  • Las Casas. The hotel is located in a Sevillian house. The rooms are organized around the inner courtyard. Perfect for a romantic stay in Seville.
  • Vincci Molviedro. Beautiful hotel with modern decoration while maintaining a touch of authenticity.
  • Kivir. The rooftop overlooks the banks of the Guadalquivir and the Triana district, and the view is clearer than at other hotels.
Plaza de Toros and the El Arenal neighborhood for where to stay in Seville
Plaza de Toros and the El Arenal neighborhood


Alameda is a district north of the Casco Antiguo. It is located all around the large Alameda de Hercules square. Going even further north, you reach the Macarena district. This district is somewhat away from the places to visit; for example, you will need 20 minutes on foot to reach the cathedral.

Why choose the Alameda district to stay in Seville?

During the day, you can wander through some second-hand clothing and bookstores. In the evening, another side of the city awakens. The bars get busy, the nightclubs open, and thousands of Sevillians gather. It is the best district for partying in Seville.

The tour of the Alameda district is not the most interesting in the city. If you don’t want to party with locals, or if you are visiting Seville with your family, it’s rather a district to avoid.

Alameda is a district where you can stay cheaply in Seville. It’s a less touristy area, without being a traditional or authentic neighborhood. This district has a wide choice of apartments and a few hotels in this district.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Alameda district


  • Vibrant and active nightlife
  • Cheapest accommodations of Casco Antiguo


  • Some noisy streets

The best hotels in Alameda:

El Porvenir

El Porvenir is a residential area in Seville located south of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is home to Plaza de EspañaPlaza de America, and Maria Luisa Park, three magnificent places to see in Seville. Since it is not a neighborhood in the historic center, the streets are wider, and there is more traffic.

Why choose the El Porvenir neighborhood to stay in Seville?

One of the most beautiful views in Seville is undoubtedly from the Melia Hotel. Plaza de España is directly in front of the room window!

This neighborhood is a bit away from the bustle of the city center. It’s quieter and less touristy. There are also fewer restaurants. It’s a 20-minute walk to the Cathedral.

The advantage of this neighborhood is the tram. Tram line 1 stops at San Bernardino, north of El Porvenir, and takes you directly to the Cathedral, Plaza Nueva, and the Centro district. If you are traveling with family and children, staying in Seville in a calm environment quickly and without getting tired of reaching the main sights is ideal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of El Porvenir neighborhood


  • Public transport
  • Plaza de España and Maria Luisa park


  • Outside the historic center
  • Few restaurants

Best hotels in El Porvenir:

  • Melia. A fantastic view of Plaza de España from the rooftop and pool or even from the room. A sure bet with modern decor. Perfect for couples or families staying in Seville.
  • Pasarela. You can see the building from Plaza de España from the hotel! Triple rooms are perfect for family stays in Seville. 
  • Occidental Viapol is directly located at the foot of the Tram and Metro station, making it perfect for budget family stays in Seville.
Plaza de España and the El Porvenir neighborhood where to stay in Seville
Plaza de España


Macarena is a neighborhood of Seville located north of Casco Antiguo. It is no longer the historic center and is pretty far from the sights. It takes more than 30 minutes to go to the Real Alcazar.

Why choose the Macarena neighborhood to stay in Seville?

In the Macarena neighborhood, one can still find the old wall of Seville dating from the Almohad period and its gate. The Macarenan Basilica is also worth a visit. This is especially true during Holy Week! On Good Friday, a large procession around the Virgin of Macarena is organized.

In the Macarena neighborhood of Seville, you will find many apartments and few hotels. It is a less touristy area, so there are not many offers. However, it is often cheaper than in the historic center. Plus, it is an authentic and traditional neighborhood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Macarena neighborhood


  • Traditional and authentic


  • Outside the historic center
  • Few hotels

Best hotels in Macarena:

  • Modern Atico. A one-bedroom apartment with an additional sofa bed. Perfect for families of up to 4 people.


Triana is a neighborhood located across the Guadalquivir River. To reach the historic center and the main sights, you must cross the river by the San Telmo or Isabelle II bridge. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the Cathedral.

Why choose the Triana neighborhood to stay in Seville?

Triana is different from the rest of Seville in terms of its atmosphere. It used to be the Gypsy quarter of the city. Some hotels in the neighborhood allow you to be fully immersed in this Andalusian spirit. This is the case at Triana House.

Triana is also the birthplace of Flamenco! Therefore, several Flamenco venues can be found in this neighborhood.

While remaining authentic, Triana is a vibrant neighborhood. Many restaurants and tapas bars along Betis Street, by the river. Betis is a frequent name in Seville. Betis is the name given by the Romans to the river that flows in Seville, which is called the Guadalquivir today.

Several typical Sevillian ceramic shops, azulejos, are found around the Isabel II bridge. A ceramic museum traces the different styles over time.

Triana is a superb neighborhood for staying in Seville, especially if you have already visited. It’s a bit away from the center, so plan to walk to visit. The authentic atmosphere of the Triana neighborhood is its main advantage. This atmosphere makes the neighborhood an ideal place for couples to stay in Seville.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Triana neighborhood


  • Authentic, traditional
  • Lively


  • Outside the historic center

Best hotels in Triana:

  • Triana House is a beautiful boutique hotel in a Sevillian house with an interior courtyard and a virgin protecting the house. The room decor is breathtaking.
  • Monte Triana: a view of the Giralda! The hotel is located in a quiet part of the Triana neighborhood.
Stay in the Triana neighborhood of Seville
Triana neighborhood view from San Telmo bridge

Los Remedios

Los Remedios is a neighborhood in Seville located south of Triana. Like Triana, it is situated on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River. It’s a bit far from the main attractions and city center. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the city center on foot. The Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park are a bit closer.

Why choose the Los Remedios area to stay in Seville?

It is primarily a residential area. It has an atmosphere similar to the Triana neighborhood. In other words, a traditional and authentic vibe.

Los Remedios is a good area to where to stay in Seville. There are not many hotels but rather apartments.

Feria de Abril. The big Seville fair has been taking place in the Los Remedios neighborhood since 1973. The fair starts on Saturday, two weeks after Holy Week, and lasts for a full week with events every day. So, it’s a neighborhood to choose or avoid depending on whether you want to be at the heart of the festivities or not. More information about the Feria de Abril is further down this page.

Pros and Cons of the Los Remedios area


  • Authentic, traditional
  • Feria de Abril


  • Outside the historic center
  • Few hotels

Best hotels in Los Remedios:

Feria de Abril in the Los Remedios neighborhood of Seville

La Cartuja

La Cartuja is the neighborhood in Seville located north of Triana. It is the most remote area from the city center. It takes about 40 minutes on foot to reach the Real Alcazar.

Why choose the La Cartuja area to stay in Seville?

La Cartuja is the site of the 1992 Universal Exposition in Seville, commemorating 500 years since the discovery of America. The pavilions and emblems of the Expo, such as the full-size model of Ariane 4 and the Avenue of Europe, can still be seen today. However, the place is abandoned and poorly maintained.

Isla Magica is an amusement park located in the La Cartuja neighborhood. It’s an exciting activity if you come to Seville with your family.

To the south of La Cartuja is Torre Sevilla. It is a skyscraper with an observation deck at the top. It offers the highest view of Seville. There is also the Eurostars Torre hotel in the tower, which also has superb views.

There are few hotels and restaurants in the La Cartuja neighborhood, which is mostly a business district. If you don’t have a particular reason to stay in the La Cartuja area of Seville, then it’s probably better to avoid it.

Pros and Cons of the La Cartuja area


  • Expo ’92
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Isla Magica Amusement Park


  • Remote
  • Few hotels and restaurants

Best hotels in La Cartuja:

  • Eurostars Torre: The hotel is located in a skyscraper. Therefore, the views from the rooms are extraordinary.
  • Barcelo Renacimiento: Free shuttle to the city center during Holy Week and the Feria de Abril. A vast hotel, almost a holiday club. Ideal to stay with family in Seville.
Torre del Oro in the El Arenal neighborhood
Torre del Oro in the El Arenal neighborhood, and in the background the Torre Sevilla from the La Cartuja neighborhood


Nervion is the neighborhood directly east of Casco Antiguo. It’s outside the city center but just behind the Real Alcazar. Seville’s train station is also located in this neighborhood. It takes about 20 minutes on foot to reach the historic center.

Why choose the Nervion area to stay in Seville?

The remains of a Roman aqueduct used during the Muslim era can still be seen. However, it is in the middle of a busy, wide avenue, so the visit is unpleasant.

The Nervion neighborhood doesn’t have the small streets of the city center or pedestrian ways. It’s not generally what one expects when coming to Seville. Nevertheless, it remains lively with several shops, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Accommodations in the Nervion area are often cheaper than in the historic center. So it’s a good area to where to stay in Seville on a budget while not straying too far from the main attractions. If you come to Seville by train for a few days, it might be convenient to stay in this neighborhood and explore the city on foot.

Pros and Cons of the Nervion area


  • Close to the train station


  • Not the historic center

Best hotels in Nervion:

  • Hotel Giralda Center. A beautiful view of the Giralda from the rooftop and very modern rooms. Ideal for couples traveling to Seville.
  • Ibis Styles Santa Justa. A nice, modern hotel that has managed to maintain an Andalusian character. Rooftop pool.
  • Catalonia Santa Justa. Very close to Santa Justa train station. Perfect if you come by train for a few days in Seville.

Where to stay in Seville

Best area to stay for visiting: Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz district is the best area to stay in Seville for sightseeing. The city’s top attractions are located right next door, and the whole town is easily walkable.

There is also a wide choice of restaurants and tapas bars. Furthermore, the best Flamenco venues are in the district. These are ideal conditions for a beautiful stay in Seville.

For the best conditions, the obvious choice is the hotel Casa 1800, which has an exceptional view of the Giralda. With a more pronounced Sevillian character, the Casa Del Poeta is also an excellent choice for lodging in Seville and visiting.

Real Alcazar of Seville
Real Alcazar of Seville

For a first trip: El Arenal or Santa Cruz

For a first trip, the ideal is to stay in the heart of Seville. The El Arenal or Santa Cruz districts are perfect for that. Everything is within a few meters: restaurants, tapas bars, and the best places to visit in Seville.

The best hotels in these areas are Las Casas in the El Arenal district and Legado and Casa 1800 in the Santa Cruz district.

Where to stay in Seville for a romantic getaway: Triana

Triana is an ideal district to stay in Seville for a romantic getaway. The atmosphere invites relaxation at a slower pace, where you take the time to appreciate things. To get to the center, you will cross the Triana Bridge and have an unobstructed view of both banks of Seville.

The Triana House is a gem in this neighborhood. A typically Andalusian setting ideally suited to a romantic getaway in Seville.

Triana neighborhood seen from Guadalquivir
Triana neighborhood seen from the Guadalquivir

Where to stay in Seville with family: El Porvenir

El Porvenir is the ideal district for staying with family in Seville. It’s a calm residential area. The large spaces of the Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park are just a stone’s throw away.

The city center is very easily accessible by going through the Prado San Sebastian garden and then along the gardens of the Real Alcazar on a pedestrian path. So, it’s a pleasant and safe journey for children.

The district’s gem is the Mélia Hotel, with its rooms and terrace directly overlooking the back of the Plaza de España. If you’re on a tighter budget, the Occidental Viapol Hotel is next to the subway and tram.

For shopping: Centro

If you plan to take advantage of the stay in Seville for shopping, staying in the Centro district is ideal. All the shops are located in this district. Also, the places to visit are very close, as are the places to go out in the evening.

The Casa de Indias hotel is terrific for enjoying Seville while shopping.

For going out at night: Alameda

Alameda is a beautiful place to go out at night in Seville. There are dozens of bars and nightclubs. Many Sevillians gather here to party, and the atmosphere is extraordinary. Staying in the Alameda district of Seville puts you at the heart of the party. The H10 Corregidor is ideally located for that.

The Triana district is ideal for a calmer and more traditional atmosphere. The tapas bars, such as Las Golondrinas and Típico, close late. There are also more intimate Flamenco venues than the big shows in Santa Cruz.

Finally, Santa Cruz is also a great district to stay in Seville and enjoy the nightlife. The atmosphere is more touristy than the Triana district, but you still feel like you are in Seville. The big Flamenco shows are all in the Santa Cruz district. The Casa Del Poeta Hotel immerses you in this Andalusian atmosphere.

If you are in Seville during the Feria de Abril, the Los Remedios district temporarily becomes the best area to enjoy the nightlife and festive atmosphere.

Where to stay in Seville without a car: all districts except La Cartuja

Seville is a small city where all the places to visit are concentrated. Casco Antiguo’s districts, such as El Arenal, Centro, Alameda, and Santa Cruz, are perfect for staying in Seville without using the car.

With a bit of walking, the adjacent districts like Triana, El Porvenir, Nervion, Los Remedios, and Macarena are also an option because they are all about 20 minutes from the main places to visit. Plus, you will be walking through the small, typically Sevillian streets.

Only the La Cartuja district is isolated. It’s always doable on foot, but it’s long. It’s easier to take a taxi.

To see a bullfight: El Arenal

The Plaza de Toros in Seville is one of the most important in the world. You can see the most beautiful bullfights, including horseback bullfights, the Corrida de Rejon. The Plaza de Toros is located in the heart of the El Arenal district. So, it’s the perfect district to stay in Seville and see the bullfights.

Las Casas in the El Arenal district is a fantastic hotel to stay in Seville as a couple. Closer to the river, the Kivir is also a good deal with a view of the Triana district opposite.

Entrance of the Plaza de Toros of Seville

Where to stay in Seville for a weekend of 2 or 3 days? Triana, Santa Cruz, or El Arenal

During a 2- or 3-day weekend in Seville, staying in the Triana, El Arenal, or Santa Cruz neighborhoods is best.

The Santa Cruz neighborhood is the best choice for a weekend of discovery and sightseeing in Seville, especially if it’s your first visit for 2 or 3 days. Everything is easily accessible on foot, which is perfect.

Staying in the Triana neighborhood in Seville is particularly suitable for a romantic weekend of 2 or 3 days. The authentic and relaxed atmosphere of the neighborhood is perfect for couples. The Triana House is ideal for a beautiful stay.

Where to stay in Seville for an authentic atmosphere: Triana and Los Remedios

Triana and Los Remedios are two neighborhoods that have kept their authentic atmosphere in Seville. These areas are less touristy and more frequented by locals. You’ll find dozens of tapas bars and smaller, more intimate Flamenco venues.

This atmosphere reaches its peak with the Feria de Abril in the Los Remedios neighborhood.

The Triana House is perfect for feeling this vibe. The Eurostars Guadalquivir hotel is modern, located halfway between the Triana and Los Remedios neighborhoods, and has access to the subway.

Butcher in the Triana neighborhood of Seville
Butcher in the Triana neighborhood of Seville

Neighborhoods to avoid in Seville: La Cartuja, Nervion, and Macarena

There are no dangerous neighborhoods in Seville. Like most European cities these days, there are pickpockets. It’s preferable not to walk alone late at night in the Alameda or Macarena neighborhoods.

Macarena and Nervion are neighborhoods to avoid as they are far from the center and do not match the ambiance one expects from Seville. They are not bad neighborhoods. They are just less convenient for sightseeing. However, Nervion may be a practical place to stay cheaply in Seville under good conditions. This is the case for the Ibis Styles Santa Justa.

La Cartuja is even more remote and isolated. Moreover, the remnants of the 1992 World Expo show an abandoned side of the city. If you have a reason to stay here, it’s still a decent neighborhood to stay in Seville. For example, if you see a sports competition at the La Cartuja stadium, the Barcelo Renacimiento is perfect.

How to get from the airport to downtown Seville

There are no trains, trams, or subways to shuttle between the airport and the city center. Therefore, there are only 2 options: the bus and taxi.

Bus. The airport shuttle is a particular bus line “LÍNEA ESPECIAL AEROPUERTO”. It runs every day of the week. During the day, there’s a bus approximately every 15 minutes. The trip takes about 35 minutes. The bus stops at the train station, the San Bernado tram station, near the bullring on the Guadalquivir quay, and the terminus is located at Plaza de Armas. The bus is convenient to get from the airport to the city center if you have chosen to stay in the Nervion, El Porvenir, or El Arenal neighborhoods of Seville. In other neighborhoods, you must walk for a long time with luggage.

Taxi. The taxi is the simplest and fastest way to get to downtown Seville from the airport. The trip takes about 25 minutes. You can take a taxi directly outside the airport. The fare is about 25-30€.

Uber. Uber is available in Seville, as well as FreeNow and Bolt. You can therefore order a driver upon arrival to go directly to the hotel in the city center.

Finally, you can also book a shuttle in advance (see rates here).

Read our dedicated article: Airport transfer in Seville (Coming Soon).

Tips for a trip to Seville in Spain

When to go to Seville

Summer. It gets scorching in Seville during the summer. Having whole weeks above 40°C (104°F) is not unusual. Conversely, summer days with less than 35°C (95°F) are rare. With these temperatures, visits can be more strenuous. If you go in the summer, make sure there is air conditioning where you are staying in Seville. Incidentally, Seville is often mentioned as one of the hottest cities in Europe.

Spring. Spring is the best season to visit Seville. Temperatures are very comfortable, and the vegetation is very active. The city’s numerous orange trees typically blossom at the beginning of March. Most places in Seville are outdoors, so spring is the ideal time to visit the city.

Autumn. The beginning of autumn is also a good time to visit Seville. Temperatures drop back to a more comfortable level, around 28°C-30°C (82°F-86°F). In late autumn, rain is a bit more present which can be a nuisance for sightseeing.

Winter. Winter can also be an excellent time to visit Seville. This is particularly true if you are looking for mild temperatures and sunshine. You can count on 5 to 6 hours of sun per day in Seville during winter and a temperature of about 20°C (68°F) at Christmas. 

Rain. Seville generally has little rainfall. The rainiest months are November and December. It hardly ever snows in Seville.

When to visit Seville

April Fair in Seville

The April Fair is a significant celebration in Seville. The festival starts Saturday night at midnight, 2 weeks after Holy Week, and ends 7 days later, on Saturday. It’s a traditional event that dates back to 1846! Since 1973, it has been held in the Los Remedios district of Seville.

It’s a traditional festival. Men and women dress in traditional clothes and come to join the festivities. Horses are also honored, and people move around in carriages. A unique atmosphere emanates from this party.

See on YouTube what the April Fair looks like.

Spanish Time and the Siesta

You will notice that restaurants have particular opening hours. It’s rare to find restaurants serving all day, so one often has to adapt to the locals’ rhythm.

Don’t expect to have dinner at a restaurant before 7 PM. Restaurants typically open between 8 PM and 9 PM and close around midnight. The busiest time is between 10 PM and 11 PM.

The Siesta is a break period in the afternoon. Locals take the opportunity to sleep. Many shops close during the Siesta, between 2 PM and 5 PM.

Hotel with rooftop or roof terrace

Many hotels have rooftops or roof terraces. This is a definite advantage as you can have breakfast or watch the sunset while enjoying a superb city view. You might even get a direct view of the Giralda or the Guadalquivir riverbanks.

Spain Square in Seville
Spain Square

Best accommodations where to stay in Seville, Spain

? First tripEl Arenal or Santa Cruz
? Luxury hotelCasa 1800
? RomanticTriana
? Family-friendlyEl Provenir

Seville FAQ

What is the best time to visit Seville?

The best time to visit Seville is during the Feria de Abril, 2 weeks after the Holy Week. It’s the largest and most traditional city festival. To enjoy it, staying in the Los Remedios district is ideal.

Which district should you visit in Seville?

The best district to visit in Seville is Barrio Santa Cruz, which includes the Cathedral, the Giralda, and the Real Alcazar. The districts of El Arenal and Triana are also very interesting, as they show a different side of the city.

Where to stayWhat are the best districts to stay in Seville?

The best districts to stay in Seville are the Casco Antiguo, particularly the Barrio Santa Cruz, El Arenal, and Centro, as well as the districts of El Porvenir and Triana.

Where to go for an evening walk in Seville?

Going for a walk in Seville in the evening is very pleasant. There are many pleasant districts for a stroll. First and foremost, the Barrio Santa Cruz is a great place to see the historic monuments. The banks of the Guadalquivir are ideal for strollingling at night in Seville, in the Triana and El Arenal districts.

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