Where to stay in Pattaya, Thailand: best areas

Located less than 150km from Bangkok, Pattaya is Thailand’s second-most visited city. Although its reputation is sulfurous, not all city areas are dedicated to debauchery, far from it. Discover the best neighborhoods and hotels in Pattaya, whether you are coming to enjoy the nightlife, relax on the beach, or perfect your tan under the sun.

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Neighborhoods and Accomodation in Pattaya

In which neighborhood to stay in Pattaya?

What are you looking for? Simply put, we can divide Pattaya into 3 neighborhoods: downtown, the north, and the south.

Downtown, especially its southern part, is the most sulfurous part of Pattaya. Otherwise, the north and south are quieter. In the north of Pattaya (Naklua district), magnificent hotel complexes face the sea. Therefore, the prices in Naklua are usually higher than in the south or the center of Pattaya.

Walking Street in Pattaya. The Walking Street is ideal if you want to enjoy Pattaya’s nightlife (see the location on Google Maps). It is where you will find the famous bars and nightclubs that have made Pattaya’s reputation. Of course, it is rather noisy. Therefore, It is not the best place to stay in Pattaya unless you come to Pattaya specifically for this street. Otherwise, choose other streets in the city center.

Recap. If you come to Pattaya to party, choose accommodation in downtown Pattaya. If you want to be in a quiet area at night, look for accommodation in the north or the south of Pattaya.

Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand

Best accommodations in downtown Pattaya

Discover our selection of the best hotels to stay in downtown Pattaya.

Wave Hotel: beautiful! The reviews are praising. This 5-star hotel will give you unforgettable memories of your trip to Pattaya.

Holiday Inn Express: a safe bet for a successful stay in Pattaya!

Mera Mare: located facing the sea, this hotel has all the assets to create excellent travel memories. The location is ideal for enjoying Pattaya.

The Whisper: a superb place for a couple to stay in Pattaya. The rates are pretty correct, and the beach is close!

Travelodge: another excellent hotel for a romantic trip to Pattaya! The rooms are spacious, modern, and comfortable. In addition, the location is ideal for discovering Pattaya.

Stay in North Pattaya

The most beautiful beaches in Pattaya are in North Pattaya! Check out our selection of the best accommodations and hotels in North Pattaya.

LK Emerald Beach: an excellent 5-star hotel for a great stay in Pattaya! It is a magnificent hotel in Pattaya for couples to stay in.

Pullman: another 5-star hotel facing the sea in Pattaya! The rooms are spacious. You will be close to the beach, which a part is private for the hotel. It is an excellent place to stay in Pattaya as a couple or family.

COSI Wong Amat Beach: If you are looking for accommodation with more accessible rates, this is a good choice! Still in North Pattaya, this hotel offers spacious rooms, a swimming pool, and lovely modern decor.

Hotel with pool to stay in Pattaya

Stay in South Pattaya: Pratamnak, Jomtien and Na Jomtien

Discover our selection of the best accommodations and hotels in South Pattaya, where you can enjoy its beaches and seaside resort atmosphere.

Westbury Residence: If you are looking for an aparthotel in Pattaya, this is the perfect place to choose. Here, you will find studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Cross Pratamnak: just splendid! It is perfect for a romantic or family getaway. The views from some rooms are magnificent. It is an ideal place to mark your trip to Pattaya!

If you want to stay in Pattaya, you have a wide choice of accommodation. Fares can be very affordable but can also go up quickly. Moreover, if you do not come to Pattaya only to party, you can spend a perfect holiday with your loved one or family. It is, above all, a seaside city. For instance, Naklua is one of the best neighborhoods in Pattaya for a romantic or family getaway. Pratamnak, Jomtien, and Na Jomtien are good alternatives to downtown Pattaya.

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