Where to Stay in London | Best Areas and Hotels

What is the best area to stay in London? London is one of Europe’s top three most populated cities and one of the most extensive and expensive. Therefore, finding affordable accommodation in London can be a real challenge. Discover the best hotels for couples, apartments for families, or hostels to stay in London for a few days. Let’s go!

  1. Which area is the best to stay in London? 📍
  2. Best hotels and apartments for couples 💚
  3. Great places for a family stay in London 🌟
  4. Where to stay in London on a budget 👯
  5. What to do in London for an amazing trip? 🤩
which district to stay in london

1. Which area is the best to stay in for visiting London: areas to favor or avoid?

Our TOP 6 of the areas. The best areas to stay in London are Westminster, Soho, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, Camden Town, Shoreditch, and Chelsea. Each area has a different vibe and unique charm or interest. London’s neighborhoods are like little towns within a big city.

Areas to avoid? The City is not the best area to stay in London. It’s a good area, but not necessarily great for a trip to London. We’ll see why later on.

Rates. London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, if not the most. It is best to move away from the historic center to find lower rates while still being close to public transport.

Westminster: area to stay in the heart of London’s historic center

Must-see sites. The major must-see places in London are in the Westminster neighborhood. Here they are: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Abbey, and Westminster Palace and Bridge. So, you’ll be in the heart of London’s historical center, which is convenient for a short stay.

Comfort. Here, avenues are wide, and buildings are impressive. The accommodations in Westminster are generally comfortable, except if your room faces directly onto a busy street. The rates for accommodation in Westminster are among the highest but are justified by the location and service offered.

Possible downside. This neighborhood is indeed very touristy, and arguably the most touristy in London. One could feel remote from the lives of the locals, but also might miss some nightlife for going out, and especially must have a large accommodation budget. If that’s not an issue for you, then go for it!

The Sanctuary House Hotel: Ideally located, close to parks, and also 5 minutes walk from Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and 20 minutes walk from the Soho district, this hotel is a great place to stay in the heart of London as a couple.

Sidney Hotel London-Victoria: A bit more secluded but a 15-minute walk from Buckingham Palace, this hotel offers rooms with good value for money for its location.

what to do in london visit westminster

Soho, Piccadilly, Covent Garden: the best areas to stay in London?

Very lively and central. You might have heard about Soho, Piccadilly, or Covent Garden at least once. Located right in the center of London, these three neighborhoods are lively, full of shops and cool places to go out at night. Much wandering can be done on foot. There are great places to stay in London with family, as a couple, or with friends. However, finding cheap accommodation in the Soho area of London is difficult.

Advice. Indeed, some streets in Soho, Piccadilly, or Covent Garden are not ideal for staying in London. Bars, busy streets, and shops attract many people and give the city a lively aspect, but they have a disadvantage: noise. If this is crucial, avoid the main avenues when choosing your hotel or apartment in London.

Victory House London: Beautifully decorated and elegant, the rooms at this hotel are charming for a weekend in London as a couple. The hotel is only a few minutes from Soho and Piccadilly Circus. The location is perfect for visiting London as a couple.

soho best district to stay in family and for couples in london

Notting Hill: a trendy and lively neighborhood with a friendly atmosphere

Hyde Park. Notting Hill is a lovely place for couples or families to stay in London. This neighborhood is located near Hyde Park. It became known thanks to the film “Notting Hill” with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Nice neighborhood. It’s one of the best, if not the best, neighborhoods to stay in London! The antique market on Portobello Road is one of the best places to visit nearby. Come here on Saturday morning. Here are some good places in this London neighborhood.

Kensington Gardens Hotel: A perfect and well-located hotel for couples traveling to London.

The Portobello Hotel: Ideal for diving into the neighborhood’s atmosphere!

notting hill

Shoreditch: Cosmopolitan and Hipster Neighborhood to Stay in London

East End. Being part of the East End, Shoreditch is considered a hipster area of London. This part of London was quite industrial for many years, and today, it is finding a new lease of life.

Hipster. In the streets of Shoreditch, especially in Brick Lane, one can see a lot of street art. There are also alternative places, art galleries, theatres, or lovely places to eat or drink in London. Although you’ll need to take transport to visit London, Shoreditch is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in London if you enjoy this vibe. If not, it is at least one of the neighborhoods worth visiting in London.

Point A London Liverpool Street: Located 5 minutes from Brick Lane and transport, this hotel offers double rooms without windows, but they are modern and are at a very decent rate for visiting London.

citizenM London Shoreditch: This is a charming place to stay in London! You will love the city view from your room, the modern decor, and the king-size bed. A beautiful romantic journey awaits!

east end shoreditch street

Camden Town: The Lively Neighborhood to Visit in London

Unusual. Located northwest of the city center, Camden is considered one of the unique neighborhoods to visit in London. One of the most famous places to discover is Camden Town Market. The best day to visit is Sunday when the neighborhood is most lively.

Quite far from the city center. Camden Town is not necessarily the ideal neighborhood to stay in London for a romantic getaway or with friends for a short visit. However, if you are here for 4 or 5 days or more, and this alternative side attracts you, it is a neighborhood to consider.

Camden Enterprise Hotel: A 10-minute walk from Camden Town Market, this Victorian-style hotel offers rooms for less than 160 euros per night. It’s an excellent place to stay in London to discover its alternative side.

best district to stay in london

Chelsea: Quiet Neighborhood to Stay in London Peacefully

Upscale Neighborhood. Chelsea is one of London’s residential and upscale neighborhoods. Here, you can see Victorian and Georgian houses in pastel colors. The accommodation rates are relatively high compared to other neighborhoods in the city. If you want to explore this side of London, it’s a perfect neighborhood.

Sydney House Chelsea: You will love the decor of the rooms, the charm of this small hotel, and its service and location (a 3-minute walk from the subway).

11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel & Apartments: this hotel offers beautiful, spacious, and welcoming apartments to stay in London as a couple or with family. Everything is here for a great stay and to make you want to return to London again.

chelsea district london

South Kensington

South Kensington is close to the Chelsea neighborhood. It’s not an ideal neighborhood for couples in London. However, it’s a good neighborhood to stay in London with family, or at more affordable rates.

The Montana Hotel: a 3-minute walk from the subway, this hotel is a perfect place to stay in London at reasonable rates.

london united kingdom

City: Neighborhood to Avoid to Visit London?

Landmarks. The beautiful and impressive St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge are among the stunning and remarkable places to visit. Here, you will have both the business district of London, with its tall buildings, and significant landmarks to visit.

Very well located, but. On weekends, the City district is more than quiet. Not much is happening. The neighborhood is only busy on weekdays when City employees are working. You can stay in this area of London for its location, but not necessarily for its overall atmosphere, if you find yourself on the building’s side of the district.

Motel One London-Tower Hill: This hotel offers rooms for one or two people at the heart of London’s financial center. Furthermore, the hotel’s location is convenient. Transport is close: an 8-minute walk from Tower Hill tube station.

city district to avoid london travel

2. Best Hotels and Apartments to stay at in London for couples

Discover our selection of the best hotels and apartments for couples in London.

Locke at Broken Wharf: This place is perfect for you if you want to feel like a true Londoner. You’ll find studios and larger, welcoming, nicely decorated apartments here. Plus, it’s only an 8-minute walk from the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral. The location offers the opportunity to visit the historic center of London on foot.

citizenM London Shoreditch: Located in the hipster district, this hotel is a lovely place for couples to stay in London. The city view from the rooms is excellent, and the decor is modern.

Holiday Inn London Camden Lock: By the water and a 5-minute walk from Camden Town Market, this hotel offers modern and bright rooms. It is an interesting place to stay if you are visiting London as a couple and want to discover the city from another angle.

Hotel Indigo: Situated between the Westminster and Covent Garden districts, this hotel is a very pretty place to stay as a couple during a weekend in London. The hotel rooftop has a bar, but most importantly, it offers a magnificent view of London!

The Sumner Hotel: Located outside the known districts of London but a stone’s throw from the subway and Hyde Park, this hotel offers reasonable rates. It’s, therefore, a very good place to stay in London as a couple.

where to stay for couples in london

3. Good Places to Stay at in London with Family

Discover our selection of the best hotels and apartments to stay in while visiting London with family.

Cove St Martin’s: Located in the Covent Garden district, these two nice apartments are perfect for a stay in London with the family. The first apartment has one bedroom and a living room, and the second has three bedrooms and a living room. Both have balconies!

Central Hotel: with outstanding value for money, this hotel will let you visit London with the family without breaking the bank. The location is good: 5 minutes from the subway and public transport. So, you’ll be able to move around London quickly and visit its must-see spots.

hotels where to stay in london with family

Hostels to stay in London on a budget

Discover our selection of the best places to stay in London. Even with a tighter budget, you can still enjoy your trip.

Rockwell East-Tower Bridge is a pretty 32m2 studio located an 8-minute walk from the Tower of London and the Tower Hill subway. It’s convenient for getting around! Book without hesitation if you are visiting London as a couple and are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay.

LSE High Holborn is well-located, not far from the Soho and Covent Garden districts. This residence is ideal for staying in London and has very reasonable rates.

Point A London Liverpool Street: hotel located close to public transport and 10 minutes from Shoreditch High Street. It offers rooms without windows at a very reasonable rate for London. If you’re going to spend all day outside, this place is an excellent budget-friendly solution when staying in London.

The Mornington Camden is a hostel for women not far from Camden Town subway station. It’s a good place to stay if you’re visiting London with a group of girls.

The Walrus Bar and Hostel is located on the south bank of the Thames. This hostel offers dormitories at rates less than 35$ per night. Twin rooms are also available. It is an excellent place to stay on a budget in London.

5. What to do in London for a successful trip?

Now that we have seen the districts where to stay when visiting London, here are the must-sees to visit. Here, this is just the first 10 points of our top picks.

  1. See Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster
  2. Visit Westminster Abbey
  3. Discover Tower Bridge
  4. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral
  5. Walk on the Millennium Bridge
  6. Climb the Shard Tower (book tickets)
  7. Explore Little Venice by boat
  8. Visit the fantastic district of Camden Town
  9. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  10. Visit the British Museum

Find everything in our TOP 30 best things to do in London.

drone view of european capital

Among the best districts to stay in London to visit the city as a couple, a family, or with friends are the districts: Soho, Covent Garden, Piccadilly, Camden, Notting Hill, and Shoreditch. Some of these districts are more suitable for visiting London with a family, others are the perfect places to stay in London for couples, and yet others are the most interesting for a trip with friends.

London’s accommodation rates are among the highest in Europe. Therefore, finding cheap hotels or apartments in London can be very difficult. The simplest solution is to look at hostels. Another option is to move away from the historical center while looking at accommodations close to public transport and the subway.

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