From Haneda Airport to Tokyo city center: 3 Options

How to get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo city center? To reach downtown Tokyo from Haneda Airport, you have at least 3 options: monorail, train, or Tokyo airport transfer by taxi. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks. Let’s discover what they are: let’s go!ย 

  1. Public transportation: monorail + subway OR train + subway ๐Ÿ’บ
  2. Taxi or airport transfer ๐Ÿš–
travel from haneda to tokyo japan
Haneda Airport

Haneda airport transfer by public transportation

Two public transportation alternatives go from Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo: the monorail or the train. If your accommodation is on the monorail or train line, then it’s straightforward. Otherwise, you will need to change and take the subway in addition to the monorail or train ride. Here is more information on each of these options.

1. Go to Tokyo city center from Haneda airport by monorail

The monorail is the cheapest solution from Haneda Airport to Tokyo. It is also a quick option if your accommodation is on the monorail line. Otherwise, there may be better alternatives.

  • Route: the monorail connects Haneda Airport terminals and Hamamatsuchล Station, the terminus (see it on Google Maps). If your accommodation is on the monorail line, close to its stops, that’s perfect.
  • Stops and fares. Find here the stops and fares according to the journey. In Japan, the price varies depending on where you’re going. It isn’t a fixed price for a ticket. Expect to pay less than 5$ for this trip. 
  • Frequency: every 5 minutes during the day, with a 15-minute interval in the evening and early morning (see the schedule).
  • Trip duration: about 15 minutes between the terminals and Hamamatsuchล Station, the terminus (+ additional time to reach your accommodation).

Good to know! Cash is widely used in Japan. You should always have yen in cash. For example, to pay in restaurants, buy tickets, or top up public transport cards. You can purchase yen before you leave for Japan, buy yen once you’re there, or withdraw yen with your credit card. 

transfer haneda airport tokyo
Travel to Tokyo from Haneda by train

2. Haneda Airport transfer to Tokyo by train

The Keikyu train line allows you to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport. The fares are higher than those of the monorail. As with the monorail, the train can be the best option if your accommodation is on the train line.

  • Route: the Keikyu train line connects Haneda Airport to other parts of Tokyo than the monorail. Find all the stations here.
  • Fares. Like the monorail, the price depends on the station where you will get off. So there isn’t a fixed price for the ticket. The prices are about 20% higher than the monorail fares.
  • Duration of the trip: allow 30 minutes of travel time from Haneda Airport to Tokyo by train (+ additional time to reach your accommodation).

Haneda Tokyo transfer by taxi

Using a taxi is an expensive mode of transportation in Japan. However, it has advantages: it’s more comfortable, faster and allows you to go directly from the airport to your accommodation. The airport transfer can be a good idea if there are two or more of you.

Standard taxi. At Haneda Airport, there is a taxi rank with a queue. However, there can be a lot of waiting, especially in the evening and at night. After midnight, taxis become scarce. So expect to wait a few minutes to a few hours. 

Uber. The Uber app works in Tokyo and Japan in general. That’s very handy! However, few drivers are available near the airport if you arrive late or at night. 

Book the Haneda airport transfer to Tokyo in advance. It is the best solution to avoid stress on arrival. Here is an example of a transfer to book in advance (the driver will be waiting for you on arrival).

Good to know! Public transportation does not run at night. If you arrive between midnight and 5 am, the taxi remains the only option to get to downtown Tokyo from Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport to Tokyo
Haneda Tokyo Japan Transfer

Public transportation is the most economical option for the Haneda airport transfer to Tokyo. However, the taxi is the most comfortable solution, especially if you have luggage, but also the only possible option if you arrive in Tokyo between midnight and 5 am.

If you prefer the train or monorail, use Google Maps to view the route. It will help you identify the station where you need to get off and buy the ticket accordingly. To prepare for your trip to Tokyo, read our article: What to do in Tokyo in 3, 4, or 5 days

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