How to get from Budapest Airport to the city center: 3 Options

There are 3 different ways to go from the airport to Budapest city center. The Budapest-Ferenc Liszt Airport is located 16 km from downtown. You can reach downtown Budapest from the airport by taxi, minibus shuttle, or public transport.

  1. Take public transport ?
  2. Go to downtown Budapest by minibus ?
  3. Budapest by taxi ?

Good to know! The Hungarian currency is the forint. Payments are, therefore, in forints, not euros. In addition, not all places necessarily accept cards in Budapest.

get to budapest city center by taxi bus from airport

1. How to get from the airport to downtown Budapest by public transport?

Two buses link the airport to downtown Budapest: 100E and 200E. It is the most economical option for reaching the center of Budapest from the airport.

Bus 100E. This bus stops between the two terminals of Budapest-Ferenc Liszt Airport. The timetables of the 100E bus vary, but generally, it runs every 30 minutes.

Bus 200E+metro. This bus goes to the Kobanya-Kispest metro station in Budapest. Afterward, you can take the metro to go to your accommodation.

How much time do you need? Plan 1 hour from the airport to downtown Budapest by bus or bus+metro. The downside to this option is the time it takes and the fact that you have to get your bearings, get off at the right stop, and find your accommodation yourself.

Pro tip! Enjoy free public transport with the Budapest Card. This city pass includes public transport and discounts for visiting museums or churches. Buses 100E and 200E are included in the card. Learn more here.

2. Reach downtown Budapest by minibus shuttle

What advantages? This option is faster than the bus. You will share a minibus with other travelers to save time and gain comfort. Departures are more regular than the regular bus. Moreover, the shuttle drops you right off at your accommodation.

Book the shuttle in advance. Book your places in the minibus shuttle in advance for more peace of mind. Tickets are valid all day; you do not need to indicate a specific arrival time. See prices here.

Several companies offer this service for getting to downtown Budapest from the airport. For comparison, also look at this company’s rates. Sometimes, the rate may be higher, but the service is more efficient.

Best districts of Budapest. If you visit Budapest, do not miss its most beautiful districts. On our blog, we have a guide on Budapest’s best districts.

3. Take a taxi or a Budapest airport transfer

Take a taxi on the spot. The only authorized company for taking a taxi at the airport upon arrival is Főtaxi. The taxis from Főtaxi are yellow and easily recognizable. Once on the spot, you can head to the taxi stands and wait your turn.

Book an airport transfer in advance. You can also book a Budapest airport transfer in advance. It is the most comfortable and fastest option. The driver waits for us directly upon arrival, so there is no need to run to look for a taxi on the spot. Moreover, you arrive directly at your accommodation. See prices here.

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budapest airport transfer

In summary, to reach downtown Budapest from the airport, the most economical solution is the bus, and the most comfortable and fastest solution is the Budapest airport transfer booked in advance. The minibus shuttle is a good alternative, as it takes you directly to your accommodation. It is a plus. The cost of a minibus shuttle is also much lower than a taxi. However, if there are several of you (two or more), calculate the most economical option. Ultimately, booking a taxi or airport transfer in advance may be advantageous.

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